Frameless Shower Doors Are Trending: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Frameless shower doors are all the rage these days. Homeowners remodeling their bathrooms still have plenty of options at their disposal ranging from basic shower curtains to sliding doors, but there are good reasons to spend the extra money on frameless doors. Read on to find out about six of the most common reasons homeowners opt for frameless glass doors.

Let In the Light

Trying to get cleaned up in a dark shower can be both inconvenient and downright dangerous. Most bathrooms do not have lights directly above their bathtubs or shower enclosures, so traditional opaque shower curtains can create some serious hurdles when it comes to light transmission. Installing frameless glass shower doors or even a full glass shower enclosure from Capitol Glass will brighten up the shower or tub, making it easier for residents to see, reducing the chances of slips and falls, and improving the entire experience.

The Illusion of Extra Space

Installing a frameless glass shower door can make a small bathroom feel larger. Opaque shower curtains and sliding doors cut off sightlines, making the rest of the bathroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. Frameless glass doors will alleviate this problem.

Homeowners with especially small bathrooms often have trouble fitting full-sized shower enclosures in limited spaces and opt instead for custom-built glass enclosures. That’s no problem since frameless shower doors can be custom-cut to fit bathtubs and shower enclosures of just about any size. No matter how large or small the shower or tub is, a frameless door will allow homeowners to make full use of their spaces.

Reduce the Risk of Mold Buildup

Both shower curtains and sliding shower doors can harbor mold and bacteria, creating apotentially dangerous environment for residents and guests. Keeping mold and mildew at bay requires frequent cleaning and replacement of curtains and door seals, which costs homeowners time and money. Since frameless shower doors don’t have seals, there’s nowhere for water, soap scum, mold, and bacteria to build up.

Ease of Maintenance

Keeping a frameless glass shower door sparkling clean and looking like new is easy. Each time they shower, residents can simply use the showerhead to spray away soap scum and take a moment to wipe down the glass to prevent hard water stains. This is enough to keep them looking beautiful between full bathroom cleanings.

When homemakers clean the bathroom, they can use any commercial or homemade glass cleaner on their shower doors. Just spray both sides of the glass with a commercial cleaning solution or a mix of soap and water, then use a lint-free cloth to wipe them down from top to bottom. It will only take a few minutes but will leave the shower door looking just like new even decades after installation.

A Touch of Luxury

Glass shower doors will add a touch of spa-like luxury to any bathroom. Their clean lines and lack of seals make them look more elegant, and their versatility means they will form a perfect complement to any decorating scheme. Frameless doors look just as good in traditionally styled bathrooms as they do in thoroughly contemporary spaces.

The Bottom Line

The household’s bathroom should be equally welcoming to residents getting ready for their days and guests who want to relax after a long journey. Frameless glass doors offer both practical and aesthetic advantages that allow homeowners to prioritize both these uses for their bathrooms. Get in touch with a glass specialist to learn more or request a quote.

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