Five Fall Home Upgrade Trends

The home improvement renovation and remodeling trends vary every year. While some fads last for a long time, others come and go faster than you can say remodel. So, here are the top five home restoration and remodeling projects for 2022 where Alisha Taylor Interiors can help (

1. Bathroom Spa 

After a long day, creating a calm setting in your bathroom makeover provides you a place to decompress and relax. Consider a large tub, stand-up shower, low lighting, and soothing colors if you spend more time at home or simply want to be alone with your thoughts for a while. 

Bring some nature into the bathroom to round off the peaceful atmosphere, and don’t forget the fragrant candles. If your bathroom lacks storage, consider adding built-in shelves or cabinets to maintain the space feeling clean and peaceful. You can have all of your essentials but keep them hidden away so that you can enjoy the peaceful setting you want. 

2. Better Outdoor Spaces 

Today’s outdoor design trend is to make it appear like your living room, but outside. Consider how you can transfer all of the luxuries of your living room outside. Consider huge sitting spaces with tables and sofas, attractive carpets, sun-protecting pergolas, and perhaps even a fireplace or TV for comfortable evenings outdoors. When the weather is great, many homes have huge dining tables outdoors and utilize them to entertain. Even when the weather isn’t cooperating, a pergola may help you make better use of your outside area. 

3. Bold Wallpaper 

You might believe wallpaper is a 1970s phenomenon, but it has made a comeback. Trendsetters concluded that vibrant wallpaper, at least on one wall, is the way to go after years of hard painting. Wallpaper not only looks good, but it is also much easier and less time-consuming than painting. 

Wallpaper looks wonderful in every area and is a terrific way to show off the individuality or style you desire for the space while keeping on a budget. Of course, you don’t want to cover your entire room in wallpaper, but having some “fun” with one accent wall is all the rage right now. 

4. Massive Window Banks 

Nothing beats natural light in a home, and the best way to acquire it is through wide window banks. Large windows will alter a space in the most stunning way, whether you add windows to numerous walls in your house or build a floor-to-ceiling window wall as the main point in a room. 

Natural light not only beautifies your house, but it also lowers your utility expenditures. Not only will you save money, but you will also be helping to reduce your carbon imprint on the earth. 

5. Islands with Multiple Functions 

Kitchen islands had their day in the limelight, but in recent years, homeowners have shunned them. They’re back this year, and they’re doing a lot more than just filling empty space. Homeowners save space by having their dishwasher, sink, and garbage pullout all on the island, freeing up much more space in the kitchen for other purposes. Of course, an island is also a gathering spot for everyone, therefore extensive seating spaces surrounding the island for the workers to assemble will be popular in 2022.

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