4 Features You Need to Include in Your Custom-Built Home

For a lot of people having a custom-built home is a dream. They aren’t always expensive but they do require sometimes years of planning. You may want your home custom built because you haven’t seen anything locally that suits your taste or because you have some unused land that you think would be perfect for a house. Whether you have an architect with an online MCE degree from Norwich University build your home or embark on putting together your own house, there are just a couple of features that you’re going to want to include. These next four features are only found on the newest houses, but they aren’t costly and they will make your standard of living much better.

1. Radiant Heat Flooring

Forget about having your heat come through radiators or even floor vents. Radiant heat flooring will make your floors feel warm to the touch even on the coldest winter days. Imagine being able to let your feet hit the ground right after you get out of bed and never needing to brace yourself to feel a familiar chill.  The bathroom floors in your home will always be warm, making it pleasant for you to step out of the shower.

2. Glass Countertops

Online master civil engineering program graduates are frequently using glass in more of their designs. As such, this recycled material is also making a major statement in the kitchens of residential homeowners. Glass countertops look just as stylish as marble, but at a fraction of the price. You can get amazing colors like blue and green into your kitchen without needing to buy any accessories. If your style is a little eccentric then you have to get this feature included in your custom built home.

3. Low-Pressure Toilets

Toilets can waste water because they use more power and water to flush than what’s necessary. With low-pressure toilets, your water usage rates will go down but your plumbing will work just as efficiently. This feature only requires a small investment and you’ll have bathroom toilets that rarely get clogged.

4. Solar Panels

If you are going to buy all the materials you need to build a new home from the ground up, you might as well enjoy a much lower power bill. Getting solar panels installed will ensure that you eventually have no energy costs at all. In fact, many homeowners who have solar panels installed are able to collect more energy than they need and then get a big credit by selling it to their local energy suppliers. Your home will be environmentally conscious with solar panels conveniently placed on the top of your roof.

Your roof doesn’t have to be made of expensive copper tiles and you don’t need to build a manmade lake right next to your house. However, including these four features will make maintaining your new house a snap. Have floors that stay warm, a kitchen fitted with beautiful recycled materials, solar energy sourced from your roof, and bathrooms that use less water and cost you less money.

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