UK Embracing Smart Homes

UK homes are becoming smarter and it is a trend that looks set to continue. From the outlandish to the incredibly practical, technology for the home is developing rapidly. As technology becomes faster, smaller and easier to use, we are seeing more and more solutions to everyday problems solved by new technologies.

When it comes to high end properties, the capabilities of smart homes are astounding. Ian Silverstein, a designer who has installed £75,000 of tech in his ‘Home House’, is a firm advocate of using technology in the home. His home features smart fire alarms which also sense carbon monoxide, test their own batteries and talk to you rather than beeping. A smart lighting system can create four different moods in each room and the high-end entry system can text guests a 15-minute entry code, so they can let themselves in.

Other smart home features are more focussed towards saving energy, reducing wastage and creating an environmentally friendly home. Electric vehicle charging points are becoming increasingly commonplace and smart thermostats can reduce how much power is used during peak times. Solar panels and ground source heat pumps are providing homes with their own renewable energy sources too.

Smart solutions to everyday problems are transforming the way we live our lives, and this can be seen in the home as well as business. Energy monitoring smart meters are allowing homeowners and tenants to manage their water and heating use to cut down on costs and wastage. Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular and its benefit for setting a timer when a property is empty is a handy security feature.

Rubbish bins with barcode scanners that reorder items are another futuristic home upgrade, as are smart bathtubs which act as Bluetooth speakers, with ripples caused by the music when its full. Voice activated assistants are used in a wide range of homes, helping residents with everything from ordering products to finding out information to playing music to making phone calls. Smart hubs and remote controls allow users to synchronise their smart devices and phone apps allow people to monitor their home from anywhere in the world.

For property investors, using technology in their properties can be a great way to appeal to new tenants and they may even be willing to pay a premium for these high-end features. Newer properties like Hollywood Manchester, sold by RW Invest, have integrated smart features throughout the design process in order to create an increased appeal for tenants and more energy efficient and sustainable homes for the future. Solar panels, underfloor heating and heat recovery ventilation systems are all key features of the development.

There has also been recent research which has shown an enthusiasm for smarter homes. In a new study it was found that almost 75% of people asked had already adopted smart technology into their homes and a third were planning to introduce further smart upgrades. Four in ten people said that having solar patterns would make a new property more appealing when they were house hunting too.

Integrating technology into your home or rental property can be a great way to add value to your property and make your life a little easier. From saving water to charging an electric car, our homes are becoming more futuristic by the minute.

Rebecca Gardom, UK, writer, artist, and general creative type.

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