Effective Techniques To Help Prevent Fires In The Home

Fire kills. Although many people think it won’t happen to them, the reality is that it can happen to anyone. There are more than fifty people killed by house fires every year and the majority of deaths are avoidable.

It is time to chat with your local fire safety equipment suppliers and get yourself organized. The good news is preventing fires doesn’t have to be expensive, you simply need to be prepared.

Smoke Alarms

The first step doesn’t prevent a fire but it is an essential part of escaping a house fire. You need to fit a smoke alarm to every level of your house. You can put one in every room if you wish although it is best to avoid the kitchen as you are likely to have too many false alarms. This is especially true if your smoke alarms are connected to the fire department.

Escape Plan

Alongside smoke alarms, you need a plan that will allow you and the other inhabitants to get out quickly. On average you have just two minutes to get out of a burning house. That means knowing the best route out beforehand is essential. It can be easy to get turned around in the confusion and the smoke.

Work out two escape routes from every room and practice them, it can make the difference between getting out alive, or not.

Electrical Inspections

Preventing fires is preferable. One of the biggest causes of house fires is bad wiring and overloaded circuits.

A great way to ensure this isn’t an issue for you is to have an annual electrical inspection undertaken.  Your local electrician will inspect your electrical wiring and circuits to ensure there is nothing dangerous to worry about. They will alert you to any issues and help you rectify them.

An annual inspection may not prevent a fire from starting but it does reduce the risk.

Things Unattended

Another big cause of house fires is pans left on the stove unattended or portable heaters left by themselves. Both of these items can cause a fire to start in a matter of seconds, especially if they are left unattained and the fire has the opportunity to spread.

Something as simple as turning off the portable fire, or the stove, before leaving the room can dramatically reduce the risk of a house fire.


It is a good idea to look around your home and remove or get rid of clutter. Items that clutter your home are often never used and are flammable. That means, if a fire starts, they will help it to spread.

By simply removing clutter and storing it in containers or getting rid of it, you will reduce the likelihood of a deadly house fire.

Emergency Services

You will find that your local emergency services are happy to visit your home and recommend things you can do to improve fire and general safety at home. It is a good idea to contact them and invite them around, you never know what they may spot that could make a difference and genuinely save a life.

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