ECCO ~ A zero-emissions mobile living solution by NAU

At a glance this may look like some awesome super electric shaver, but the Ecco is most certainly not. We love everything green and if this was a commercially available product we would most likely be blogging from it!


Since their introduction, automobiles have been a source of passion and meanings as individual as their drivers. Today they are often associated with luxury, performance or safety, but the Ecco aims to remind us they can still be about freedom.


As an all-electric vehicle, the Ecco has no emissions of its own, and can be quickly charged at a standard 240V station. But when used for extended living purposes, even where no electricity is available, its built-in photovoltaic panels and solar sail roof mean that it can cut out the middle man, and charge directly from the sun. The Ecco’s promise: Zero emissions. Zero guilt. Unlimited space to dream.



  1. Photovoltaic cells
  2. Entry/bathroom pod (compressed)
  3. Passenger area
  4. Water storage
  5. Drivetrain
  6. Membrane roof (folded)
  7. Drive Mode door
  8. Photovoltaic cell on roof
  9. Membrane roof (unfolded)
  10. Sleeping loft
  11. Entry for Living Mode
  12. Kitchen with cooktop
  13. Living area with variable seating
  14. Entry stair
  15. Combined toilet/shower room
  16. Sink
  17. Fold-down extra bed
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