The EB-0 by Franco Pessino is a sleek electric motorcycle with fluid lines to emphasize speed and movement.

It celebrates the ruggedness of a modern motorcycle by combining it with the sophistication and style of an object of desire.

The bike features an engine for each wheel enabling it to brake and accelerate with the same mechanic assembly. Other modern modifications include a windscreen-projected control panel and high powered LED headlamps, as well as a see-through tank and an ultra clean tail section emphasizing its focus on eco-friendliness.


The EB-0 is an electric motorcycle with an engine for each wheel, which allows the bike to accelerate and brake with the same mechanic assembly.


The design consist in fluids lines that emphasize the movement and combines the ruggedness of a racing bike and the sophisticated style of an object of desire.


EB-0 (“E”lectric “B”ike with “0” contamination). It´s the EB-0lution of the motorcycle!

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