Easy Home Improvement Upgrades

Easy home improvement upgrades 

The summer is coming to an end and the holiday season is approaching. This tranquil weather and cool temperatures are perfect for completing some transformational yet easy home improvement projects. Keeping up with a home’s appearance is crucial to not only the home’s value, but the neighborhood’s value as well. This is why many people pick up DIY home improvement hobbies and projects. Whether someone is looking to increase their home’s resale value, perk up its appearance for the upcoming holiday season or they just enjoy a good home improvement project, Real estate developer, Shalom Lamm has recommendations that will give a fresh new look to any home.

A homeowner can enjoy the crisp new season while giving their home a bit of a character boost by partaking in these easy outdoor home improvement ventures.

Dress up the home with a fresh coat of paint

The exterior walls of a home is one of the first details a person notices when passing by. Stressed, peeling or dirty paint can significantly minimize the home’s curb appeal. By adding a coat of paint to the wood or brick, a home transforms from looking tired to elegant. When deciding paint colors, one should consider the roof style and color, the neighborhood’s color scheme and the style of house. For example, modern style homes are usually dressed in neutral color schemes such as gray, white and pale yellow while classic barn style homes may incorporate reds and deep browns into their color scheme.

Consider concrete stamping

Concrete stamping is an exciting and unique way to make a home more aesthetically pleasing. There are many different color and pattern options available. Choosing a color of concrete that ties in well with the home’s exterior theme adds a classic and modernized feel to the home.

Concrete Stamping can be used on driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and even basements. Not only does concrete stamping provide a beautiful upgraded look to the home, the large slabs minimize shifting and maximize durability. There are a variety of different patterns, textures, colors, and polishes available to choose from. Concrete stamping is a great way to replicate various stone, tile, brick or even wood patterns in an easier, more cost effective way.

Add a grandiose garden shed

Shalom Lamm expresses that the addition of a grandiose garden shed is a fantastic investment for any property. Shalom highly recommends the inclusion of a grandiose garden shed for many reasons. These sheds are a beautiful way to add character to an outdoor space. Garden sheds can be used as greenhouses, clubhouses, home offices, storage space, hobby workspaces, guest rooms, pool houses and virtually anything else imaginable. The options for these garden sheds are plentiful as well. Choose from different color schemes, sizes, shapes, styles, and constructions. One has the ability to truly transform their yard or garden into an attractive yet functional space with a grandiose garden shed.

These few home improvement projects are a fantastic way to add curb appeal and personalization to a home all while picking up some valuable new skills.

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