Does Building A Glass Pool Fence Improve Property Value

If you have the space a swimming pool is the perfect addition to any house. Of course, they are expensive to install and can be costly to run, especially if you want the water heated. But, if you wish you can use solar power to help keep the cost of heating to a minimum.

Having got a pool you are going to need to think about balustrades, they are generally considered essential and, in many places, balustrades are a legal safety requirement.

The question then becomes what balustrade designs are available and which should you choose. While any type is acceptable, one of the best options is glass. This is because it doesn’t detract from the view of the pool. That’s particularly useful if you have children and want to be able to keep an eye on them while they are in the pool. In addition, a glass pool fence isn’t as expensive as you may think and it still allows plenty of sunlight into the pool area.

The good news is that a glass pool fence can also improve the value of your home.

More Appeal

A glass pool fence looks stunning. Regardless of which type of design you choose they will make your pool look more elegant and more desirable. That means that your house will look more desirable. In the first instance, this means more people will be considering purchasing your home. That will certainly make it easier to sell!

But, what drives the value up is the greater number of people. The higher the number of interested parties the more likely it is there will be a bidding war which will allow you to get more for your home than you may have thought possible.

Equally, the glass pool fence is perfect for allowing you to sit at or in the pool and still enjoy the view across your landscaped garden or further. Again, this makes it more appealing and increases the value through a bidding war. No one wants to lose out on a stunning property for the sake of a few dollars, the glass balustrade will help to ensure this is the case for all potential buyers. 


A glass pool fence adds perceived value, meaning that it increases the value of your home due to the fact it is more appealing, it is not an addition that automatically increases the value of your home in the same way that adding a pool does.

However, it does add security to your home and tells buyers that they don’t need to do anything to enjoy living there. This ensures the value of the home is perceived to be greater and will help if you are selling your home at any point in the future.

It should be noted that the glass pool fence isn’t going to increase the value of your home if you are simply looking to refinance. But, it is still a legal requirement to have fencing around a pool, and glass pool fencing is the best choice due to its easy maintenance and how it maintains visibility.

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