Do You Live in a City with the Most Accidents?

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Even the safest drivers on the road will experience a wreck at some point in their life. However, data shows that some parts of the country are more prone to accidents than others.

As you might imagine, cities are some of the most dangerous places simply because there are more drivers on the road in more congested spaces. Does a Bay Area accident injury lawyer have a fuller workload than one in New York City, though?

If you’ve ever wondered which places across the United States see the most crashes each year, then look no further. This comprehensive list details which areas are the most dangerous for drivers.

1. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, Maryland’s I-695 is by far the worst stretch of road for accidents in the entire United States. This city also sees the most crashes in the country. Your likelihood to get into a collision is 152.5% compared to the national average in this state.

2. Washington, DC

Next up is Washington, DC with a likelihood of 142.3%. Hard braking and weather play major roles in this state’s statistics, as they do in Baltimore. I-295 happens to be the hotspot in this area. 

3 & 4. Boston and Worcester, MA

Third is Boston, Massachusetts. Their stretch of I-93 sees the most, but this city holds a collision likelihood of 116.5%. Worcester in the same state follows closely behind with 105.6%. While it may look like the state of Massachusetts is the worst, there’s another state that pops up often on this list.

5. Glendale, CA

California happens to have the most accidents of any state, appearing a whopping 18 times on the top 50 list for most crashes. Glendale takes the cake, though, with a statistical likelihood of 99% compared to the national average. Watch out for highway 134 in this area. 

Further Down the List

The following cities round out the top 15 with the most accidents in the United States. Does the city you live in make the list?

6. Los Angeles, CA

7. Springfield, MA

8. Providence, RI

9. Alexandria, VA

10. Oakland, CA

11. Philadelphia. PA

12. San Francisco, CA

13. Baton Rouge, LA

14. Pasadena, CA

15. Hayward, CA

Causes and Concern

There are two common themes among data on car accidents in each city. First, weather plays an enormous role in the number of accidents a city sees. This should serve as an important reminder to slow down in rain in winter conditions. 

Second, hard braking datas is collected in most states. This statistics show that hitting your brakes too hard in high-speed or congested traffic is a quick way to cause an accident. Paying full attention to the road (not texting, making calls, etc.) is an excellent prevention method for hard braking. 

Finally, it helps to have an attorney on hand if you live in any of these cities. Don’t make the mistake of thinking an accident will never happen to you. It can and it will, making the aid of a legal expert all the more vital as you seek compensation. 
If you’re still curious about cities and their accident statistics, check out this detailed infographic on the top 50 most dangerous locations complete with hard braking, weather, and relative collision data.

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