• Photo of Delayed Gratification Magazine

    Delayed Gratification Magazine

    Delayed Gratification is the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine. It’s a beautiful printed quarterly publication which revisits the events of the previous three months to see what happened after the dust settled and the news agenda moved on. It is…

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  • Photo of Petbarn Identity Relaunch

    Petbarn Identity Relaunch

    Petbarn is the leading specialty pet care retailer in Australia with 140 stores, where it offers food, toys, accessories, supplements, and all necessary accoutrements for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals (mice, rabbits… hermit crabs!). Recently, Petbarn introduced a…

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  • Photo of Pardal Typeface

    Pardal Typeface

    Pardal is a powerful slab serif in 7 weights plus matching italics. The inspiration for the design came through translating the designer’s grandfather’s main adjectives in a font. As a result, Pardal combines strong serifs and clean lines with slight…

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  • Photo of Free Font: Noway

    Free Font: Noway

    Noway was originally designed as a corporate and signage typeface for London Luton Airport. Noway font-family is set up in five weights: thin, light, regular, medium and bold and a pack of 159 icons for every possible user. It is…

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  • Photo of PANTONE Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

    PANTONE Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

    It’s that time of year again where print designer listen closely to find out what color PANTONE has selected to represent the PANTONE Color of the Year 2017. For 2017, they picked a spring inspired, fresh green, namely PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery.

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  • Photo of Anaptár 2017 Calendar

    Anaptár 2017 Calendar

      Anaptár is a unique, informative poster calendar. Actually it is much more than a traditional calendar. It provides lots of information beside enumerating days: visualizing data on the Sun and the Moon in a new way the calendar shows the movement…

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  • Photo of Thin Gold Line

    Thin Gold Line

    The Thin Gold Line: Cinematic Collection is a series of four beautiful ultra minimalist posters printed in Italy aiming to explore a new artistic concept through movie’s archetypes. Each poster of this collection reveals the traces iconic movies left on the…

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  • Photo of Nubank Branding

    Nubank Branding

    Nubank is looking to provide an alternative to Brazil’s established banks and created a corporate design to go with it!

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  • Photo of WHYNOT Branding

    WHYNOT Branding

    Loving this branding project for WHYNOT NightClub designed Quim Marin!

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  • Photo of Craft X Graft Movie Posters

    Craft X Graft Movie Posters

    Craft x Graft is a design studio based in Australia – in addition to their studio work, founder and designer Pete Majarich is undertaking a design challenge to create a modern and minimal movie poster a day throughout all of 2016. He…

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  • Photo of Sofia Luxury Residence Branding

    Sofia Luxury Residence Branding

    Here’s a really well executed branding for the Sofia Luxury Residence – created by HYPE Agency in Sofia, Bulgaria.  

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