Design Tips for a Sleek Yet Practical Disability Bathroom

Your home will be one of your most prized possessions, which you will have worked hard for over the years to create a comfortable space to live in. Yetit is also a place where you can unleash your creative talents to create a room which is unique to anything else, and where you can use it as a blank canvas to showcase your eye for design.

However, for those who are living with a disability, it can seem like having a stylish bathroom has to be overridden for something more clinical. If you are struggling in your quest to making your bathroom sleek and practical, there are some top design tips you can follow which will help you create a bathroom that’s both accessible but also stylish.

Consider comfort

When you are designing your bathroom, it is easy to consider style above comfort. While this can be great for a short while, you must also considerany disabled family members who may struggle to cope with the design of your space. Luckily, there are many ways you can prioritizeboth and find a solution that suits everyone, without the high price tag. Comfort can sometimes be overlooked due to ensuring a space is practical and caters for a certain disability. This can make a bathroom seem less of a central room in the house, and more of a functional space. However, there are many companies out there who offer innovative bathroom ideas which cater specifically to people with a disability. You can click here to learn more about possible grants by visiting the Bathing Solutions website. By finding a balance, comfort and practicality can be ensured in your bathroom, and you will soon find that the sleek design you were hoping for comes from the finishing touches you add to the room, whilst also being a perfectly functioning bathroom for those with a disability.

Choose colorswisely

Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, choosing dark colors can trulymake a space look smallerthan it is. It is also not recommended if you have little natural light coming in through your windows. Ideally, you should be picking from a pale, neutral color palette to help you achieve a minimalist look, though selected bright colorscan also work well. The best thing about these colorsis that you can use them as a base to adapt to your ownpersonal touches that you add next.

If you are hoping to bring a dash of colorinto your room, you can consider getting a photography print blown up on a feature wall, so that it doesn’t overtake the sleek look of the room, but adds to it. Ensuring you have personality in your bathroom can make it a more relaxing and personal space for all. This includes those who may have to spend longer in the bathroom due to disability. If they are in a welcoming, fresh and well-designed space, users will be able to see the bathroom as a relaxing space to unwind without compromising on compromise.

Don’t go overboard

As with any room, what makes a bathroom polished is the finishing touches you add to it. It is easy to fall into the trap of making up for colorby bringing lots of paraphernalia into a space. While this isa greatidea in small touches, going overboard can result in your room looking unrefined. Having too much clutter may also make the space less accessible for those with a disability. The space should be stylish as well as functional and accommodating. Ideally, you should focus your search for personality on the towels you use in that room, which will add a level of comfort to the space. To avoid having clutter take away from the design of your bathroom, you should invest in smart storage solutions which hide items from view, or showcase the parts of your room you want people to see. Practical storage solutions and sections for personal items can also help with those who want to maintain their feeling of independence when using the bathroom. Well thought through storage solutions that cater for all will ensure your bathroom is a well-adjusted, usable space. Some people choose to make their own, but there are many readily designed pieces you can use from most trusted interiors stores.

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