Danh Hien Jewelers

Danh Hien Jewelers is a Vietnamese jeweler specializing in handmade diamond jewelry. Bratus was tasked to develop a new logo and brand identity to balance out the aspects of luxury and modernity with tradition and attention to detail.

The image of a diamond is rather popular in jewelry brands. Therefore the challenge is to create a unique brand mark. They solved this quite beautifully by combining the main letters in the brand name, a top view image of the diamond and Celtic art to create a geometric signature. The best is that these patterns can be applied in different angles to create a vast amount of viable starting points to design from.

The color palette is selected to show femininity, after all diamonds are the girl’s best friend, right?

Check out the full case study here

danh-hien-jewelers-identity02 danh-hien-jewelers-identity03


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