Cute Nursery Room and Décor Ideas

Do you plan to or are going to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world in the near future? It’s an exciting and fun time for the parents-to-be but there is always one hurdle that you need to combat – the nursery. There are so many ideas on the internet and from both family and friends on how the nursery should look up there is only one set of people that should make that executive decision. That set of people? The expectant parents.

Maybe you are looking to do a theme for your little one’s nursery or perhaps you want to incorporate parts of your culture and personality of them to grow up surrounded with. Some people decide to decorate the nursery without the generic gender constrictions and instead use an array of color for the décor and neutral walls as the contrast. You could be planning to complete the nursery in such a way that lessens your carbon footprint and doesn’t blow through your baby budget.

Why Decorate?

There are multiple reasons for you to decorate the nursery in a way that you, and your little one, will love. You want a room where your baby feels safe, warm, and loved with aspects of your family surrounding them. Let’s check out some cute nursery room and décor ideas, some you can complete yourself with a little bit of creativity, and others that you might need to spend some time shopping through online or in-store options!

Get Crafty

Instead of spending a ton of money on décor for your nursery, bring out your creative side and bring your décor ideas to life!

For example, you could:

  • Use sea-glass, colored stones, and other hard objects to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic art piece. Pick up industrial strength craft glue, choose a type of hard backing (wood, durable cardboard, etc.), create your picture or design, and then place it in a frame for safekeeping.
  •  Use pieces of old clothing, such as your grandparents or your own baby clothing, to create a patchwork quilt for your nursery. You’ll definitely want a sturdy sewing machine for this endeavor, such as this good janome sewing machine!
  • Take pictures of family members, friends, and your pregnancy to create a collage for the nursery. You can even incorporate souvenirs from the relationship of the parents, mementos of the pregnancy, and more for a truly unique piece of art.
  • Hand-stencil a mural on the wall of the nursery. Think of a ruler that will mark how tall your little one is during the stages of their growth.
  • Restore a vintage piece of furniture with a sander, stain, and varnish and use it as the focal point in the room; such as an old dresser with plenty of character.

Choose Your Theme

Whether you know the gender of your baby or not, you can still decide on a theme for the nursery. Perhaps you can incorporate parts of the parent’s career within the room, such as a nautical worker and pictures of boats, oceans, and marine life on the walls. Change up the styles of artwork to showcase a variety of creative means, such as hand painted wall hangings, twine and rope wrapped furniture, and wooden carve outs of anchors on the walls. You can even ask the handyman in your life to build you a crib that resembles a boat or shop through specialty cribs online.

Perhaps you want a wild animal theme or you want to bring nature from the outside onto the walls. Think bright colors of green, blue, and even yellow to bring to life a mural of a quiet countryside on the walls of a nursery. Use silk flowers on the end tables and a lightbulb that gives off a soft, warm glow that mimes the setting sun.

If you want to stick to just a color scheme, you can easily do that as well. For example, if you want to use the color yellow; play it up with various shades. Paint one wall a bright cheery yellow and mute the other three walls with a buttery, soft yellow. Choose a crib sheet and curtains that have a striped pattern of the color you’ve chosen in different shades. If you chose to go this route, add in a neutral color such as white or tan to create a contrast.


As previously stated, the only one that can determine how your little one’s nursery should be decorated is the expectant parents. Before committing to anything, always shop around, bounce ideas off each other, and see what you are willing to spend on the decorating. Remember, babies can cost a fair amount of money so they would be happier with their favorite learning toy then an expensive piece of furniture or artwork, and they won’t understand the value as much. Perhaps save those ideas for when they will have a deeper appreciation for it! It’s easier on your pocket as well.

Consult with experts at your local paint store, furniture store, and even the other parents in your healthy baby club to learn some new ideas. Take the time to get crafty and decorate your nursery with handmade (with love) items to create a room that is truly a place where your little bundle of joy is safe, loved, and warm. 

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