Creating the Perfect Classroom Environment

If you want children to learn efficiently, there are a number of things you need to do to get them in the right mood. Kids will often underperform if they feel stressed, overwhelmed, or it’s just not the right time for them to work, so it’s important to create the perfect classroom environment to encourage them. Here are some tips for your own classroom.

Ensure they have comfortable chairs

As an adult, you no doubt realise how important comfort is when you’re studying. You want to be able to have the right posture, and also sit in the right position, as it can help you to stay focused. When you’re buying chairs for school, think about the kids who need to sit on them daily for long periods. Will these chairs work for them? Are they the right size for a child? The right chairs will ensure they aren’t complaining about discomfort during long lessons. 

Keep a comfortable temperature

Any teacher will know that certain months are more difficult to teach than others. The summer can be a nightmare, as the heat can make it difficult for kids to focus, while winter can also be a pain, especially if it gets too cold. You should look at ways to keep a comfortable temperature indoors, so that kids can stay focused. It’s also a big relief to not have to wear lots of layers or be sweltering hot when you teach, so a comfortable temperature can work for you too!

Create space for breaks

Have you ever tried to work for hours without a break? It’s not good for productivity, and ultimately, can leave you burnt out. It’s worse for kids, as they have loads of energy, and if this isn’t let out appropriately, they can be a complete nightmare.

Create a space for short breaks, and let kids have time to choose activities, such as:

  • Doing some crafts
  • Reading
  • Yoga or stretching
  • Running around and letting off steam

It’s important to look at the timetable and break it down too. Spending too long behind a desk will demotivate a child. Sports in school are encouraged, so you might want to spread out PE lessons so kids have a little activity each day, getting them mentally focused for their next lesson.

Keep things organised

Working in a cluttered, disorganised environment is bad for you, and kids feel exactly the same. Nobody does well if they can’t find the materials they need or are tripping up over things. Keep your classroom neat and organised by adding lots of storage and using a chore wheel or rota to get the kids to pitch in. Just a quick tidy up can help keep the kids on task. 

Classrooms need to have the perfect environment for learning. This isn’t always easy to create, but with the right organisation and environment, you can get kids to knuckle down and start learning. Simply follow the above tips and you’re likely to notice much better focus among your pupils and better results. 

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