Bullion Wall Clock

The Bullion Wall Clock by Eric Wang displays the time astutely with the use of it’s arrangement of precision lasers. Winner of the 2012 Red Dot Award for Design Concept, it’s pure stainless form comprised of three concentric medallions does not undermine it’s function: to express the passing of time with clarity and precision.

There is something very fascinating about an object that eludes immediate understanding. Its function hidden in an enigmatic form, it teases you to engage with it.


You want to understand what it is and what it does, and only by interacting with it does it reveal its function. For me, this is a very interesting psychological effect in design – Eric Wang


The topmost medallion is stationary and houses a circular array of laser pointers to demarcate the hours on the wall surface.


The middle and bottom medallions both rotate, and each houses a laser pointer that indicates the minute and hour hands respectively.


A gentle inward tapering on the side faces angle the lasers towards the wall surface. The unit is mounted to a wall using the included magnetic wall mount attachment. Like a large button, once mounted the unit can be turned on and off with a gentle press on the face.

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