Bodice Rocker

The Bodice Rocker by Splinter Works is a unique, curvaceous chair that toys with the illusion of form.

When viewed from different perspectives, the chair’s ergonomic shape can take on several familiar configurations: poised vertically, for instance, the chair goes into sculptural mode and may appear as a bust, derriere, or even an arched foot depending on who’s viewing it. With a gentle push, the chair will rock back to another angle and seem to be suspended in time, caught midair as if possessed of some gravity-defying magic.

The Bodice Rocker becomes a comfortable chaise longue when laid out horizontally. A person could while away an entire afternoon on it, stretched out and relaxed, content to be lazy on the soft, padded leather. The Bodice Rocker can be modified to suit a taller or shorter client’s needs as well as offering a choice from a wide selection of leathers and fabrics.

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