Blackout Wallet

Capsule Wallets strive to improve the products we use everyday driven by their belief that “just good enough” is simply “not good enough”. The Blackout Minimalist was finely tuned and constructed to be as sleek as possible: a better wallet and an everyday essential that’s far less cumbersome than its cohorts.

It’s black leather is stylish while the compact design is perfect for doing exactly what a wallet should do – store only essential cards and cash.


The CashStrap™ enables the simple storage and removal of cash while the front slot holds one or two frequently used cards.


The top sleeve pocket comfortably stores an additional two to four cards. The Blackout is handmade with premium full-grain nappa cowhide leather.


In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and accessories, the wallet has remained remarkably unchanged for decades. Most are too thick, poorly constructed, expensive, or surprisingly, terrible at carrying cash.


But wallets should carry cash. Period. So with this in mind we designed what we believed to be a better wallet, the Minimalist.


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