Ask The Pros: Jurgen Cautreels On How To Create An Authentic Brand Voice

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Your brand voice is a unique identity and way of communication that your brand has that ranges through all your marketing channels. With many global brands, it’s essential to have a unique and authentic brand identity and voice.

Jurgen Cautreels is an investor, marketing Pro, and NFT Expert. He has helped many businesses grow with his professional marketing tips and strategies. Below are some tips from Jurgen Cautreels on creating an authentic brand voice.

How To Create An Authentic Brand Voice

Identity What Your Brand Stands For

The first step to building an authentic brand voice is first to know your brand. What do you stand for? Your mission, vision, journey, etc. These things help you define your brand identity and sculpt your voice. Anything outside of these, and you will be telling an inauthentic story.

Identify Who Your Target Audience Is
Your brand voice is not just about you but also your target audience. You need to churn out content that speaks in a way your target audience can relate to.

Your Content Should Be From Your Personal Experiences
You can run out of content if you’re trying to outsource it. However, you can skip copying or searching far and wide if you tell your own stories. Telling your own story ensures a continuous genuineness to your voice.

Be Flexible And Conversational
Another way to ensure that your brand voice is authentic compared to a robot-like reading is to be more conversational. Your blog posts, social media captions, etc., should be engaging and relatable.

This will allow your audience to relate better with your brand and give you a personable voice. You can read whatever you draft to yourself first to see if you find it engaging before you churn it out as the final content.

Be Consistent
You should create fresh content. It only means that certain aspects of your content should be consistent. This could range from how you speak, to specific catchphrases, how you address yourself or your business, and how you address your audience or consumers.

This gives a sense of uniqueness to your brand.

Be Simple In Your Approach
You can use something other than jargon or big words to convey your message to your audience. You will be more relatable if you use as many simple words as possible. This will allow the layman to understand what you’re saying.

You can also research if there are any word or language trends amongst your target audience. Incorporating such would make them engage better with your brand.

Give Your Opinion On Issues
Speaking up on issues related to your mission or vision will give you a strong brand voice. It will let your audience know where you stand on specific topics and show your vision statement’s genuineness and purpose.

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