• Photo of Science Fiction Interfaces

    Science Fiction Interfaces

    Great Tumblr compiling innovative user interfaces inspired by or showcased in science fiction movies. Check all of the out here!

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  • Photo of 80s Icons

    80s Icons

    A personal vision of some icons from the 80’s. Cassettes, toy synths, game consoles, polaroid cameras, …! See more here.

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  • Photo of Sarah Wertzberger Blankets

    Sarah Wertzberger Blankets

    Interesting colourful patterns combined with digital weaving – that’s Sarah Wertzberger. These are certainly some of the most beautiful original blanket designs we have seen and would look great as eye catcher on your living room couch.

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  • Photo of Stellavie Sky Constellation Map Prints

    Stellavie Sky Constellation Map Prints

    What a series of gorgeous constellation map silkscreen prints. These limited-edition prints depict the night skies of the northern and southern hemispheres. Each map is very detailed – check them out: These celestial maps are large one-color silkscreen prints, printed with custom-mixed inks and solid-colored…

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  • Photo of Aerial Photography

    Aerial Photography

    I spent the afternoon browsing Tom Hegen’s breathtaking aerial photography series. Insanely beautiful!

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  • Photo of Square Stamp Series

    Square Stamp Series

    Kiwis have been thinking outside the square since way back. New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and each of the 12 stamps is designed to celebrate one of these great innovations. Check it out.

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  • Photo of Stationery Compositions

    Stationery Compositions

    Enjoying the calm appeal of stationery compositions.

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  • Photo of Designers will love this Sculpture

    Designers will love this Sculpture

    ‘Subtractive Variability’ by Case Studyo rotates three color printed acrylic disks to “demonstrate chromatic phenomena”, a flowing visual representation of the artist’s exploration of the ephemeral. The limited edition of 100 comes in a size of 28 x 30 x…

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  • Photo of 5 reasons to make your own art

    5 reasons to make your own art

    Whether or not you consider yourself a creative type, getting in touch with your artistic side is something everyone should try at one point. Not only is painting, drawing and creating fun, but it’s also an easy hobby to pick…

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  • Photo of Wooden Rings

    Wooden Rings

    Vancouver-based Secret Wood lets you carry a miniature world on your finger with their handcrafted wooden rings.  

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  • Photo of 10 Moments Every Couple Should Share

    10 Moments Every Couple Should Share

    All Little Things has been working on the series of illustration to share the little moments of love, which are the binding agents in a long-lasting relationship. The true love is simple yet intimate that you would give a smile…

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