Are These Cars Design Classics of the Future?

You’ve bought a new car, your pride and joy, but the second you’ve taken it off the forecourt, that car is already worth 20% less than you paid for it. Three years down the line, it’s only worth half the original cost. So how do you make sure that a car retains its value? Buy a design classic of course. A car doesn’t have to just be a way of getting from A to B; it can be an expression of your own personal aesthetic – transport with style. Choosing a car that is tipped to be a design classic will mean that you not only have something beautiful to drive around in, but it also retains its value long into the future. 

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 

The rarity of this car will already ensure that it will hold its value – there were only 51,000 of the road versions sold last year. The Camaro is still track-capable, but great for flying down the freeway too. Originally introduced in 1967, the Camaro was built with style in mind, taking the classic muscle car look and updating it with sleek lines and great aerodynamics. Don’t expect a great number of extras though – the focus was solely on design, not comfort. If you want air conditioning, it comes as an option. Still, when you look at the shape and style of the car, all is forgiven. 

Honda S2000

The name Honda goes hand-in-hand with practicality and reliability – it certainly doesn’t scream sports car. The S2000 is certainly a long way from the hybrid and electric models that we are used to seeing on the road – it was the last sports model that Honda made, and it is a beauty. First manufactured in 1999, it brought a combined sense of style and fun that was unique. This concept car is still holding its value on the open market and it certainly makes a statement on the road. 

BMW 1 Series M

The Series M is a seriously stylish coupe that all the motor purists love. It is a masterclass in aerodynamics, right down to the “air curtains” that are integrated into the front bumper. The fender flares are beautiful as well as practical, and the car is streamlined to cut through harsh winds with ease. The BMW has always been known for its solid build quality and efficiency. The Series M combines this with a design that will be remembered in car history. 

A classic car should offer something far greater than drivability – it should look like it was born to be on the road. Good design can mean the difference in your car retaining its value long into the future. 

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