A Homeowner’s Guide To Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Now that you’ve been spending more time at home than usual, it’s not surprising that you may find your bathroom hasn’t really been working to be the best for you anymore. The bathroom is more than just a place for you to ‘do your thing’ and bathe. For many, it’s like their sanctuary for peace and silence. So, if your bathroom isn’t contributing anything at all to that feeling, then it’s understandable why you’d want to give it a facelift.  

It’s a well-known fact that bathroom remodels can be quite expensive. But it’s also an undisputed fact in the design industry that bathroom renovations with maximum impact don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg when done strategically. To kickstart this project, visit website for Easy Renovation, among other contractors in your area you can trust.  

Does that get you excited? This article gives homeowners like you a guide to bathroom renovation on a budget.  

1. Retile Your Bathroom 

If you’re looking for just one aspect to change in your bathroom that comes along with maximum impact, you surely can’t go wrong with retiling. Tiles, no matter how beautiful they are, will eventually have their end of life. You can notice this when the tiles are discolored and the grout just won’t get cleaned, no matter how often or how hard you scrub it. 

Retiling your bathroom is always a good idea. For one, you can create that big difference by switching from your usual, light-colored tiles to a brighter alternative, or vice versa. Retiling is also a cost-effective option if you want to have wood elements in your bathroom. Wood can be expensive, but a cheaper option is always wood tiles or vinyl. Thus, with tiles, you can still achieve the look that you’re after without costing as much as wood do. 

2. Install A New Sink Faucet 

Replacing old sink faucets to new ones is a cheap bathroom renovation that has a big impact on the room.   

Sink faucets can also age quickly with the hard water and chemical build-up on the faucet. Or, the style could be outdated as well. By changing your faucets to new ones, it’ll be as if you’ve changed the whole sink to a brand new one, without necessarily spending as much as you would. 

3. Be Creative With Paint 

As you re-tile your bathroom, you may also want to consider re-painting your bathroom walls. The tiling project is something you’ll need the help of expert tile contractors or professionals. But re-painting your walls is something you can easily do by yourself. 

There are so many ways you can play around with paint in your bathroom, as long as you just give your creativity a chance to flow and shine. For instance, you can: 

  • Paint a mural or patterns; 
  • Create textured effects for your second coat of paint by using tools as simple as a sponge or a comb. 

4. Brighten With Accent Pieces 

In your pursuit of making your bathroom look better and new, there are accent pieces that you can also go for to make little changes here and there. If you’re really running short on budget, you can always opt to make it big with accent pieces. These accent pieces can be decorations, bathroom rugs, mats, a new toilet seat, candle holders, and even new toiletry holders.  

If you take the time to window shop and search, you may even come across unique pieces that also come cheap. It’s up to you to mix and match those little design pieces. 

5. Switch Out Your Lighting 

Lighting can also create a huge difference in making your bathroom look elegant. If you’re up for it, you can even use the lighting pieces to have more accent in your bathroom. For example, if you’ve long been using pin lights in your bathroom, a significant change is to have a chandelier or drop lights.  

Then, you can also go as far as switching the color hue from bright white to warm yellow. The result will make your bathroom look more like those in the resorts; as soon as you walk in, you immediately feel relaxed. 


As you can see, a well-executed bathroom renovation can actually add a lot of value and aesthetics to your home without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’ve long been desperate to remodel your bathroom, but you were scared due to the financial obligation, you may want to consider some of the strategies above. With the right choice of applying those renovation projects that apply best to your bathroom, you can have a new bathroom that you’ll truly love spending time in. 

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