A Guide To Decluttering Your Home With Storage Containers

A tidy, well-organized home offers peace of mind and relaxation. When you live in a clutter-filled home, your ability to complete tasks efficiently gets impeded, causing stress.   

Decluttering makes finding your things easier and keeps your home more organized. Not only that, but it benefits your mental health by relieving stress caused by clutter. This is why removing the items you no longer need is one of the many goals of decluttering a home.   

Besides this goal, decluttering involves finding a space to store your things. Most people struggle to get additional space in their homes because extra furniture, clothes, footwear, sports equipment, baby toys, and other things take up considerable space.  

Storage units provide a perfect solution for expanding space when the need arises. If you’re looking to declutter your home with storage containers, here’s a complete guide on how to do so:    

  1. Categorize And Sort Your Stuff  

The first step to decluttering your home with storage containers is to sort out your stuff. Start by determining the main categories of the items you need, then organize your things in line with those categories. You can place items, such as clothes, footwear, furniture, books, appliances, equipment, and tools in their respective containers.   

The process of sorting your items can feel overwhelming so you should break it down into smaller segments to make it manageable. For example, you can sort one category per day. As you sort your stuff out, consider removing things you haven’t used in a long time. You can donate or sell items still in good shape and recycle or discard damaged stuff.   

  1. Pick The Right Storage Container Size   

You need a storage container with sufficient space to store all your belongings. Working with experienced storage container suppliers like Royal Wolf can help you find a unit that suits your needs.   

A 5×5 container would be ideal if you only have a few boxes of items, small furniture like disassembled shelves, a crib or desk, and light sports equipment like golf courses, skis, and snowboards. If you plan to store larger furniture pieces like a drawer chest, a queen-size bed, and nightstands, consider getting a 5×10 container.   

Such a unit can hold other items, including outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and a barbecue grill. You can explore bigger sizes if you need to store extra furniture, home appliances, or large equipment and tools.   

  1. Determine What to Place In Storage Containers  

After sorting your items, you should determine what to place in your storage containers. The sorting process clarifies what items take up space in your house. Noted that they are typically the ones that no longer provide you with benefits.   

There are also items that you need but only use occasionally. Placing them in a storage container can free up space in your home and allow you to keep them still. Some items you may want to keep in a storage container include holiday decorations, sports equipment, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, and grilling equipment that you don’t use every day.   

If you have high-quality baby toys, accessories and clothing that you want to keep, move them to the storage unit. You can also safely keep furniture pieces that you don’t use and collectibles and antiques in your storage unit.   

  1. Rearrange Your Home   

After moving the things you don’t regularly use to a storage unit, rearrange your home and use your new space efficiently. When arranging large pieces of furniture, allow adequate space to make navigation in the house easier.   

Clear the pathways between rooms and routinely place the things you need in highly accessible spaces. Consider creating spaces for different activities like working, studying, and exercising. Doing so enables you to minimize clutter in your home and gets everyone in the house do their thing without disturbing each other.   

  1. Declutter Periodically  

Once you achieve your home decluttering goal, work towards sustaining it. Go through your items periodically to sort and eliminate things you no longer use or need. Your space works better for you when you make decluttering a regular practice.  

Final Thoughts   

Decluttering regularly is the surest way to maintain a stress-free living environment and keep your home organized. Storage containers provide the extra space you need to declutter your home while keeping important stuff you don’t use daily safe. You can get started with your home decluttering goal by following the five steps discussed in this guide.   

Don’t delay your plans just because you don’t have storage containers. If you don’t currently have one, start sorting your items. Place the things you need to move in boxes so you can have them ready when you get your storage container. 

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