A Guide to Creating Your Dream Home

When you think of your dream home, you might be considering a beautiful interior, a big garden, and spacious rooms. However, there are many other factors you could overlook that might impact your happiness and quality of life at an address.

To ensure you don’t make big real estate and interior design mistakes you might later regret, take a look at the below tips on how to create your dream home.

Take the Time to Find the Perfect Property

Never settle when picking a property. As you could spend many years at the address, it must complement both your needs and budget. In addition to picking a property that matches your interior needs, such as tall ceilings, large windows, and spacious rooms, you must consider your lifestyle.

For example, does it offer great transport links to work? Are good schools and stores nearby? The property must also comfortably fit into your monthly budget, so you will not need to worry about making mortgage or rent payments on time.

With a little research and patience, you could soon find your ideal home to rent or buy. You also could speed up the process with the help of a reputable real estate and property listing website, such as Kenya Property Centre.

Look for Potential

It is unrealistic to expect a property listing to tick every box on your list. Rather than disregarding a property because it doesn’t feature a big kitchen or many bedrooms, you should look for potential.

For example, if your home offers a large garden, you could potentially extend the property to add additional kitchen cabinets, an island, or a breakfast booth. You also could create extra bedrooms within the home by converting an attic, basement, or garage.

Consider Your Desired Mood

Avoid picking up interior design magazines when looking for décor inspiration, as they are often filled with fleeting trends you will come to hate. Instead, you should decorate a room to complement your desired moods. 

For example, if you want to feel calm and relaxed when soaking in the bath, you should opt for a tranquil color scheme, such as soft blue, light sage, and dusty pink. However, if you want to create a stylish office space that triggers your creativity and productivity, incorporate yellow and orange shades.

Pay a Little Extra for a Better Product

To create a stylish property that never fails to impress your guests, you will need to invest in high-quality furniture, furnishings, and accessories. It is always worth paying a little extra for a better-quality product, as it will continue to look great throughout the years. While you can find affordable, luxe rugs, towels, and cushions from many retailers, you might need to pay more for a durable sofa, a comfortable mattress, or a hard-wearing flooring.

So, if you want to spend many decades in a beautiful and spacious home, you would be wise to follow the above advice on how to create your dream home.

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor.

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