8 Ideas for Choosing a Floor Plan That Meets Your Housing Needs

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you are ready to build your dream home. You have conjured up an image of your ideal home in your head, but you want to make it a reality. There are several floor plans available you can search through, but that can be daunting. Thankfully, some tips can help you create a floor plan that meets all your housing needs.

1- Lists Are Your Friend

It is time to break out a notepad and some pens or pencils so you can create a list. Sit down with the members of your family and discuss what features each person wants. For instance, if you cook often and for a lot of people, you may want a large kitchen with plenty of pantry space.

A must-have list should also include how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Talk about whether you want an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room. Perhaps you’d like to have a game room or an office. When creating your list, do not just plan for the now. Try to think ten years into the future. For instance, your family may grow as grandchildren enter the picture, which will require more space.

2- Discuss Room Locations

Figure out where you want the locations of the rooms in your home. For example, some people prefer to have bathrooms or laundry rooms close by for easy access. Others prefer to have a master bathroom or bathrooms further away from living room areas for privacy. Do you want a washer and dryer centrally located in your home or do you want a separate laundry room so you do not have to hear the noise of the machines as they run? Talk about your preferences and write them down.

3- Visualize the Layout

Many people love the idea of an open concept since it feels open and airy. However, you may want to create closed-off areas in your home that are not part of the open concept so you can maintain peace, quiet, and privacy. An open concept home means you will hear children and pets as they run through the house along with any other commotion.

4- Consider Your Home’s Main Entrance

Do you want a large, open entryway or a closed-off foyer that enters your home? Keep in mind that the entryway of your home is likely to collect a lot of clutter such as coats, shoes, and bags. Consider adding a coat closet or some storage space so things do not pile up quickly and create a mess.

5- Discuss Single-Story or Multistory Design

Some people love the idea of a multistory home with a second floor and a basement. Perhaps you want the main floor for your kitchen, living room, and master bedroom while you place kids’ rooms on the second floor. A basement can be ideal if you want a workspace, a game room area, or a laundry room. However, a single-story home can be ideal if you or someone in your family is older and cannot climb stairs well.

6- Plan Your Storage Spaces

Even when you think you have enough storage space, you may find that you need more. Plan your storage space carefully. Think about whether everyone has enough closet space or if they need more. Consider a place where you can store holiday decorations and other miscellaneous items that you do not use throughout the whole year.

7- Visualize the Space

When conjuring up a floor plan for your home, you need to visualize the space with all your belongings in it. Will your couch fit in the living room you have planned out? What about your bed? Make sure you leave enough room in case you decide to purchase new or larger furniture. Remember, a professional can help you create a custom home that meets your needs and considers future needs and potential changes.

8-Decide if You Need a Safe Room

Do you have a lot of valuables that you would like to keep hidden away in a secret storage room or safe room? Perhaps the area where you live is prone to bad storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. If that is the case, make sure you plan for the placement of a safe room where you and your family can shelter during inclement weather.

Once you have an idea of the things you and your family want and need in a home, talk to a professional. An expert can go over the list with you and draft a design that best meets your needs. Decide what features you absolutely must have and which ones you might be willing to compromise on if necessary for your overall budget.

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