7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home Décor

Your house is a place where you can display interior design that is completely customized to your style, and where you can put all your creativity, thoughts, and dreams. Your house is the only place where you can play with your interiors, can take little bit risk too, can implement new ideas without any interruption, but make sure the end result should be satisfying and make you happy; as you have to make your home not only a place of comfort while also being completely unique from other households. Some of the best interior designers can help you display your personal tastes in distinctive and appealing ways. Here are a few things you can do to add personality to each room and transform your home. 

Choose Right Furniture

The types of seating, storage, and lighting that you choose can reflect your tastes and appreciation in design. Choose furniture styles that complement each other and look appealing to you. Consider reupholstering a few accent chairs or reclining sofas or adding some colorful pillows or throws. The right selection of furniture complementing with the wall, doors or windows can change the entire look of your room, so this is not about what furniture you like, it’s about what your interior wants.

Use Accurate Color Palette

Give your home character with the help of distinct color and coordination. The color of your walls can reflect your personal style in design as well as brighten or darken the atmosphere of a room. Find tones that match your tastes and attitude. Choice of color is your own but do figure out that your selection doesn’t bore or disinterest you after a few months. If you have already selected your furniture, then it would be better to choose the color which can match them perfectly. They must complement each other to enhance your room’s interior. If you are inclined to be more reserved and defensive when it comes to color choices, don’t hold yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and choose a bold hue, like purple, or magenta for your hallway. It can be surprising as this doesn’t reflect your personality and can be a chic milieu for showcasing an art collection or your happy memories in photo frames.

Add Artwork

Artwork immediately distinguishes one house from another. The type of art that you enjoy can be entirely different from others and can make any room stand out in a new way. Find pieces that you enjoy and use them to complement or contrast the rooms in your home. You can go for unique, hand-made, custom home décor too. Even a small piece of a hand-made eclectic range of modern and opulent photo frames, candle holders, lanterns, lamps, can add style and elegance to your room. The artwork has many forms, and it isn’t limited, every room can be decorated from accessories having a history, rather than placing your collectibles on a shelf, try to set them out on a table. But be sure your collection is right selected and organized to maintain a sense of balance and your personality in your display.

Find a Mix of Styles

Sometimes our ideas get stuck as our mind traps in to mix of styles, and at this time, professional guidance can make things work. When you have many ideas, and you want to merge it all together, consult with your interior designer to make the best of your thoughts. If you enjoy a variety of design styles, you can create a mixture of your favorite types. Consider finding an interior designer Malibu to help you find the right balance of popular interior styles. Get the interior design expertise you need to add personality to your home. 

Show Off Your Hobbies

Everyone has unique passions, experiences, and interests. You can find ways to incorporate these into your home and create a look that is personal and distinct. Add trinkets, instruments, or other objects that represent your hobbies on open shelving or coffee tables. Right from living room to bedroom, from kitchen to dining, from balcony to garden, you have to be precise, and if you plunge your hobbies with your house interior, you will never be away from your home for a longer time, anywhere you go, you will want to be back to your home as soon as you can.

Don’t Skip Houseplants

Green is a soothing colour; it represents nature; it gives peace when you see greenery around you. Any décor is incomplete without plants, go for lush green plants, fill any unused nook of your room to decorate it with a big houseplant, it can immediately change the look and can become a focal point of the room. You can’t beat the pollution, but by keeping plants in your house, you are literally contributing something useful to the people living with you. But just don’t bring any plant, do some research work, and must know what room plants are best for your house and which can survive easily for a longer time.

Better Flow is Must

Rooms should have free flow to move around, and it shouldn’t be fully packed that walking around it, make you feel heavy. Make sure to make enough space and better flow. It’s not about just putting your furniture as the interior suggests, but it’s about calculating your area well and then go for the furniture. For example, you can go for a few armchairs or a garden stool instead of a royal luxurious high back wing chair. If you lack space for your own personalized lavish home bar, you can also go for a dual-purpose bar cart, using it as an end table especially when space is limited, use it to display flowers, art, and coffee table books along with your personal wine collections.

In a nutshell, a house is indeed your comfort zone, and if it is decorated with your passion, your ideas with your interior designer skills, then nothing can beat it. You will love your home always and forever.

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