7 Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Friend

Moving is stressful enough, and having to furnish and decorate a new home adds to it. Helping a dear friend settle into their new home with a useful and practical yet unique housewarming gift shows how much you care about their new life transition. Here are seven practical housewarming gift ideas for your friends to help them settle into their new abode and feel right at home.

1- Kitchen Utensils

Often overlooked when we shop for ourselves, kitchen utensils are an extremely useful and practical housewarming gift idea. Choose a set of kitchen utensils that include a variety of tools so that your friend is prepared to cook any meal. Extra points if you can match the color of the kitchen utensil to your friend’s new kitchen interior color.

2- Embroidered Towels

Embroidered towels are a practical yet elegant housewarming gift for your friend. They add a special touch to any bathroom or kitchen and come in many colors and sizes. Opt for embroidered towels that are heavy-weight with intricate designs for an extra luxurious look. Go a step further by matching the embroidered towels to their home’s color or decor to show how thoughtful your gift is.

3- Candles and Matches

Candles and matches are a useful and practical housewarming gift that every new homeowner would be thrilled to receive. Help create a cozy and comfortable ambiance in their new home with candles and matches. Choose a few smaller candles that can be dispersed throughout their home, or larger candles that can also act as a centerpiece for their dining room table or coffee table. Candles and matches also double as emergency safety items if the power ever goes out.

4- Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are an extremely practical housewarming gift that is welcomed by new homeowners. Cleaning supplies don’t have to be boring either, there are many companies that produce chic and luxurious-looking cleaning supplies to help make cleaning less of a chore. Find a cleaning supply brand that has matching packaging for an extra special touch, and choose cleaning supplies for various areas of the home.

5- Cheeseboards

Instead of the usual kitchen cutting board, opt for a nice cheeseboard or charcuterie board. These items make chic yet practical housewarming gifts that your friends can use in the future when they are hosting at their new home or when they want to have an extra stylish evening.

6- Organizational Storage

Organizational storage for areas of the home such as the pantry, under the bathroom or kitchen sink, the closets, or the basement are items that new homeowners need but often don’t have the budget to spend on. Organizational storage containers are a great practical housewarming gift for your friends and they will be thankful that you thought ahead.

7- Doormats

Doormats are a practical housewarming gift for friends that they will greatly appreciate, especially since each door in their home needs one. Choose a doormat with a funny quote, pattern, or design that reflects your friend’s personality. Also, keep in mind where this doormat might go in their home so that you can choose an appropriate color and material for the doormat.

Finding a thoughtful and practical housewarming gift for friends shows that you put time and effort into helping them feel at home.

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