6 Ways To Stay Organized While Working From Home

Whether your business has switched to a remote or hybrid working model, organisation in your home office setup is the key to increased productivity. Follow these tips to keep your tasks on track.

Keep a tidy desk

A clutter-free desk is essential for improving your workflow. Your home office centres around having a desk which is large enough for you to spread out your computer equipment, papers, and stationery without feeling cramped. If you haven’t yet invested in appropriate furniture for your home office setup, then a desk next day delivery service from a reputable company will quickly provide you with the perfect base to work from.

Keep background noise to a minimum

Ambient noise can be a distraction to home workers. From the sound of toddlers or pets, to the doorbell ringing or traffic outside, it can be challenging to stay focused. To keep on top of your workload, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can help to keep distractions at bay.

Arrange your computer desktop

If you spend too much time searching for the right file or piece of software to launch, then rearranging your desktop will help you to gain back some vital minutes of the day. Consolidate your most important apps into a single location, delete or hide anything you don’t use on a weekly basis and create a meaningful filing system with folders and subfolders to put everything in order.

Scheduling productivity breaks

With the lack of commute, it can be tempting for remote workers to spend even more hours at their home office desk, but this can drain your energy and negatively impact your productivity. In a real office environment, you might head to the water cooler or stop by a colleague’s desk for 5 minutes to break up the monotony of the day, and it’s important that you work similar chunks of time in at home too. You might choose to grab a snack, walk the dog or mow the lawn before returning to your desk.

Set strict working times

Even if you’ve not been going out, that doesn’t mean you should be available around the clock for colleagues or customers to get in touch with you. Set strict working hours each day and let your team know when they can expect you to be online. This helps to define a clear barrier between home life and working life and ultimately put in some productive hours.

Update your software

Cybercriminals have adjusted their tactics to target remote workers, but by keeping the software on your home computer regularly updated, you’ll be meeting the compliance regulations of your organisation whilst protecting your own personal data. Seek advice from your IT team about the best antivirus software or VPN available and update the software regularly to stay secure.

If you haven’t yet implemented any organizational tips in your homeworking life, then now is the time to improve your workflow.

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