6 Unique Ideas for Hosting a Solar Eclipse Party at Your House

Solar eclipses don’t happen often, and the ones that do are only visible from narrow strips of the planet. The event’s rarity makes it seem out of this world, but it’s also a great chance to throw a party with a unique theme. Whether you love astronomy or want to get friends and family together for a special occasion, these solar eclipse party ideas are great things to try in your party planning.

1. Get the Right Food

An eclipse watch party is still a party, so you need at least a few snacks. Keep mouths fed and stimulate a few chuckles with foods that fit the theme. Let people grab a handful of Sunchips. Alternatively, visit your local Chinese bakery for a tray of mooncakes. You can also hand out moon pies, Starbursts, or Milky Ways for some astronomical eating.

2. Try Some Corona Art

If there are any creative souls in your party group, then this might be one of the best eclipse party activities to try. The sun’s corona can only be seen from Earth when a total solar eclipse happens. Have black paper and white chalk available to those who want to look at the corona during totality. Draw a white circle before the event, and then smudge the chalk with your fingers outward as you try to recreate the corona pattern you saw.

3. Prep Your Playlist

Whether you choose kid’s music or something adults listen to, every genre of music has plenty of songs that can fit an astronomy-themed party. Just do a quick search for titles and lyrics that reference the sun, moon, and stars, and you’ll start finding tracks you can play as background music for your guests.

4. Do Some Moon Jumping

Call your local bouncy castle rental outfit to have an inflatable put in your backyard. While everyone is waiting for the eclipse, they can bounce around with their kids and feel what it’s like to be in lower gravity.

5. Host a Yoga Practice

Have spiritual friends in your social circle? Some believe a solar eclipse can change the human body and have spiritual meaning. Consider having a yoga practice before the eclipse, bringing someone to do tarot card readings, or hosting an astrology book club meeting.

6. Launch a Rocket

Is anyone in your family into model rockets? Host your party where you have enough room to launch a few. Set them up and then launch them at the start of totality. Anyone who can safely take pictures during an eclipse might capture a stellar shot of their model rocket ascending to the heavens under a temporarily blocked sun.

An actual solar eclipse only lasts a few minutes, so you need ideas such as these to make the party fun. Just make sure no one misses the main event. If you live in the actual eclipse zone, make sure you get enough solar eclipse glasses that meet international safety standards so everyone can watch safely. Also, consider having the eclipse on a big television in the case of inclement weather, if you’re outside the eclipse zone, or for anyone without proper eyewear.

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