6 Steps to Kickstart a Career Change

Having a career is an important part of life, but sometimes a change is necessary. Leaving one career for another can be hard and scary, but it can also be exciting and the right choice for some.

The International Career Institute recently conducted a comprehensive survey about careers. Based on the survey results, it appears that having more than one job is a widespread occurrence. Although a large proportion (36%) reported having only one vocation, a similar amount (30%) mentioned having two vocations, with 18% stating that they’ve taken on three.  

Are you stuck in a career rut? Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated? Have you been dreaming of something more but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! With these six steps, you can take control of your career.

  1. Get the Right Education and Training

Education and training are important for anyone who wants to reach their career goals. Whether you want to change careers or simply move up the ladder, having the right qualifications and experience is essential.

In addition to formal education, there are plenty of other ways to gain the necessary skills and experience. Help your career grow with online courses or seminars. 

  1. Set Clear Goals

Achieving your career goals requires careful planning and dedication. The first step is to identify your current skills and interests and evaluate which job or career you want to pursue. Once you have identified your goals, you should break them down into smaller, measurable objectives. 

It is also essential to set deadlines for each of your objectives. A sense of urgency can help you stay on track and prevent procrastination. And finally, you should set up a system to track your progress. This could be a spreadsheet or a to-do list that keeps you updated on where you are in your journey.

  1. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is an important step in successfully kickstarting your career. A mentor has the potential to provide guidance, advice, and support as you navigate your career path. 

The process of finding a mentor can be challenging, but it is worth the effort. Reach out to people in your field and see if they know anyone who has previously mentored them or someone they know. You can also use the internet to search for potential mentors. 

  1. Build Your Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is an invaluable step to launching a successful career. Your brand can be used to your advantage when trying to advance your career. To build your personal brand, begin by setting up an online presence. This could include having a website, blog, or social media accounts. Utilize these platforms to show off your skills and accomplishments and share your thoughts on topics relating to your field.

Once you have an online presence, create content related to your field. You could produce blog posts, videos, or podcasts. By sharing your expertise and experience, you can demonstrate your knowledge and become an authority in your field.

  1. Be Prepared for Setbacks

No matter how well you plan and prepare, it is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles and setbacks throughout your life. It is important to be aware of these challenges and remain focused on your goals. 

Start by assessing the situation and identifying what went wrong. Once you have a better understanding of the problem, you can look for ways to create a better plan and move forward. It is also essential to stay positive and focus on your strengths. Doing so will help you stay motivated and persevere through any difficulties.

  1. Network, Network, Network!

Networked connections can open doors to job opportunities, provide access to resources, and help you stay up to date on the latest developments in your field.

The first step to building a successful network is attending events and joining online groups related to your field. This will give you a chance to meet people and learn more about the industry.

From there, it’s important to reach out to people in your field and ask for advice. You never know who might have an opening or know of a job opportunity. It’s also important to keep in touch with your contacts and stay up to date on their work. This will help you build relationships that can be beneficial in the future.

These are just a few steps to kickstart your career, but they can make a huge difference in your professional life. The journey may be challenging, but with the right guidance, you can find success and reach the career of your dreams.

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