6 Mistakes to Avoid When Adding a Custom Pool to Your Yard

It’s wonderful to be in the position to be able to build a custom swimming pool. However, there are some mistakes a homeowner and would-be pool owner need to avoid to make sure their pool is structurally sound and able to provide years and years of fun and relaxation. Here are six mistakes to avoid when building a custom pool in the yard.

1. Misjudging a Pool’s Size and Depth

A huge mistake when it comes to building a custom pool is to misjudge how big it’s going to be. A pool that’s too big can take up so much space in the yard that a homeowner can’t use the yard for much of anything else but pool activities. A pool that’s too small won’t allow the homeowner and guests to swim laps or play water sports. A pool that’s too deep might be unsafe for children and not good for water sports. A deep pool also costs more to maintain. Diving is dangerous and even swimming may not be as satisfying in a pool that’s too shallow.

2. Skimping on Pool Construction

Adding an inground swimming pool is expensive, and it’s unwise to skimp on materials or find a pool contractor who charges less than the going rate but turns in shoddy work. It’s important to find the best pool contractor who uses the best quality materials and who is within the homeowner’s budget.

3. Ignoring Safety Features

It’s crucial that the swimming pool has built-in safety features that follow the building codes of the homeowner’s area. These features include safety fencing, rescue equipment, alarms, non-slip surfaces, and pool covers. Ignoring safety features to save money is unwise and very dangerous.

4. Spending Too Much or Too Little

Though it’s good to get the best materials and professional contractors that the budget allows, it’s also possible to spend too much or too little. This is why the homeowner needs to research even before the earth is turned to build the custom pool. They should not only research reputable contractors but also speak to their former clients to get an idea of how well the contractor works.

5. Building a Pool That Doesn’t Reflect the House

A homeowner should consider their swimming pool an extension of their house. Even a well-constructed pool that has a generic look or doesn’t complement the style of the house is not simply off-putting. It’s possible that such a mismatch between the house and the swimming pool can reduce the home’s resale value. Besides reflecting the style of the house itself, the swimming pool should also reflect the look of the landscape around it.

6. Not Adding the Spa

Though a spa does increase the overall cost of the custom pool, the value it adds is great. A well-built spa adds beauty to the pool. It’s also a place for swimmers to simply relax after invigorating activities such as swimming, diving, or a few rounds of water polo. Because the spa uses hot water, it can ease the ache of muscles that have spent the afternoon playing hard. Even if the homeowner and their loved ones haven’t spent an afternoon swimming, a spa is a great place to escape after a hard day at work or school.

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