6 Great Bathroom Paint Colors You Might Want To Consider

Thousands of dollars can be spent on bathroom renovation projects. You usually end up saving a lot of time and money for such work to be done. It is important to hire specialists like Fix It Right Australia and many other contractors. Then, you have to make countless decisions, including what colors to utilize. 

Whenever you choose a bathroom paint color, it is important to consider space style. Do you have a modern and sleek bathroom or a traditional one that has numerous ornate features? Then, you have to think about light needs and choose great based on the presence of windows or lack of windows. 

While there are countless things that can be said about the topic, let’s just take a look at some great bathroom paint colors that can be considered in many cases. 

Bright White

Bright white is a classic bathroom shade that always looks clean and reflects light. The use of this color is so prevalent because it makes space feel bigger. A hue that perfectly matches bath furnishings and tiles is normally recommended to make everything look as cohesive as possible. 


A few years ago, few people even considered black in a bathroom but nowadays, there are so many beautiful ones that are so much darker than what many think. Black is great since it adds drama and contrast. You can pair it with white to create a bright graphic look or you can use darker hues to make the entire room feel moody. It is even possible to combine black with wood for a highly sophisticated appearance. 


Pink is appreciated in bathrooms because it creates warmth and a truly flattering glow. You can pair it with the above mentioned black or white to end up with a room that looks really modern, not girly as some imagine. 


When you say yellow, you do not normally think about sunny yellow but it is capable of adding a playful and cheerful vibe even to really traditional bathrooms. Combine yellow with some white trims to instantly add some energy to the bathroom. 

Blue Gray

Blue Gray is rare. It has more depth than powder blue or pale gray. Even so, it is quite serene. Try to use it to cover beadboard walls or ceilings in bathrooms that have lake views and you will be truly surprised by the result. 

Alternatively, you can go for lighter, simple gray. It is trendy right now in bathrooms and many other rooms of modern homes. Light gray is sophisticated and soft. It is perfect with white sinks and bathtubs. If you have some marble floors in your bathroom, seriously consider it since the color highlights that material. 

Mint Green

A minty, soft green automatically sets a tone of tranquillity in a room. This works great in your bathroom as it evokes nature’s natural calmness. What many do not understand is that mint green actually makes spaces feel larger and make you feel like you live in a classic Italian villa, even if the rest of the design is modern. 

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