6 Creative Ways to Introduce the Topic of Moving to Children

Moving is a challenging process for adults, but it’s often more devastating to a child who doesn’t like change. Kids don’t understand why they must leave behind friends and their comfort zone to seek greener pastures. However, getting them on board is essential.

The savvy parent will introduce the topic months in advance to ensure they have ample time to prepare their minds for the transition. The goal is to get them excited about the change of scenery. Here are six ways to help introduce the topic to your child.

1. Show Them Videos and Images

Maybe your child has never visited the place you’re moving to. The best way to break the ice is to show pictures and videos. You want to play up the area and all the fun things there are to do in this city. Putting a visual with the concept of moving makes it easier for them to understand.

2. Read a Book or Tell a Story

Another way to introduce the topic of moving is through a book. There are numerous books on the market that discuss such a touchy subject. Your child can compare themselves with the character and their thoughts and feelings on this major adjustment.

3. Get Them Involved in the House Hunt

Most kids like the idea of a bigger and better home. Having your children involved in the house hunt can allow them to feel like they maintain some control over the selection. Point out features like big backyards and proximity to parks and other activities, which will make them excited about the new home.

4. Have Them Help You Pack

Packing is a long and tedious chore, but you will need many hands to help you. Your child can get excited about purging old things, so they can acquire new ones. Give them creative control over their new room’s decor, and you should allow them to pack their most prized possessions.

Regarding boxes, it’s always best to get quality for your trip. Since used boxes from grocery stores might have leaks and spills from food, it’s best to order from a place like Smart Box Moving and Storage. Since you want your stuff to arrive at the new location unbroken, it pays to use higher-quality materials.

5. Give Them a Challenge

Most children use the internet from the time they’re in diapers. Why not challenge them to find interesting details about the city? If you have them do some research and find some cool specifics about where you’re heading, they will be more apt to get on board with your plans.

6. Link Them with Other Children in the Area

Thanks to the internet, meeting new people where you’re moving is effortless. Why not link your children with some kids their age so they can make friends before they get there? It’s always easier when they’re going towards something instead of thinking about what they’re leaving behind. Find a buddy website and social media outlets that can help your child meet new friends in the new city.

Some children handle change better than others. As a parent, you must gauge your child’s personality and ability to control the shift to decide what to do. Getting them involved in packing, meeting new friends, and looking at homes can ease everyone’s angst and yours about making such a huge transition.

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