5 Ways To Keep Your Deliveries Safe When You’re Not Home

Today we are facing a strange conundrum. Although we love to use online shopping portals, there is always a risk of not receiving your package. Insurance Quotes blog states that “23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could even open them”. It should come as no surprise that people can be reluctant to order online fearing that packages might be tampered with, delayed or stolen. Are you one of them?

It is understandable that it is not always possible to be at home when a package arrives. Fortunately, there are several simple methods that can help you ensure that you receive your package. 

1. The first step after placing an order is to note down the tracking number and order id. Provide specific instructions on the website about the safe delivery of your package. Try to give instructions about leaving the package with a neighbor or a friend in case of your absence. Continue to track the package and keep in touch with the delivery person, if possible. You can even ask the courier to hold the parcel at their office and pick it up yourself if nothing else works. You can also request rescheduling the delivery if it is an option.

2. Your second option would be to rent a parcel locker. These are available in many convenient places including Post Offices, supermarkets, and train stations. The package will be safe and you can pick it up when it is convenient. You can arrange for a safe locker or a safe place on your property. This is a huge waterproof box placed outside your main door in a secluded space. You can request delivery in this safe box. The delivery person will make a safe drop once you confirm if it is acceptable to leave the package there in your absence.

3. Another option is to hire a PO Box. This is a private address and does not have to change every time you change your house. You can get the deliveries at a post office that is a part of the arrangement. Many post offices take part in this system which is of great help to many. The deliveries are safe until collected by the receiver. The post office may, however, charge you a nominal amount if the pickup is overdue.

4. Install a smart door lock and video doorbell on your property. In doing so you can keep track of people coming and going. Additionally, some postal services, such as Amazon, will organize for the deliverer to ring your smart doorbell, allowing you to unlock your door remotely to let them in. This is truly a futuristic solution to this problem and if you are looking for a buying guide for these devices, I would suggest visiting Wired Smart.

5. Lastly, you may give your work address instead of your home address, if it is acceptable by your office. Your office is the only place where you are available for long hours and it is the best way to stay connected.

Any of these 5 methods will greatly increase the chances of your delivery making it to you safe and sound. Happy shopping!

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