5 Tips to Take Care of your Wooden Furniture

Quality wood furniture can last a lifetime and is always a cherished heirloom that gets handed down over many generations. Still, if not adequately cared for, even the finest quality wood is vulnerable to scratching and abrasions.

Classic wood furniture seldom goes out of style and is frequently viewed as personal items and flea market finds in farmhouse, traditional, and mid-century modern designs. Wood furniture can, however, also be challenging to vacuum. It continues to reveal grime or debris over time, which can’t be cleaned with a duster. And occasionally, also though you want to scrub wood furniture, it leaves behind glossy lines.

Stop mistreating your Furniture

Try to use coasters when placing glasses or mugs on wooden tables to prevent rings and heat disruption, and never put hot food directly on them without the safety of a skillet or potholder. To cover the dining room table from food and drink spills, add decorative table mats or a tablecloth.

Apply Furniture Wax

Wax will turn out to be your greatest friend to ensure the long life of your wooden chairs, desks, stockpiling chests and headboards. Simply add a delicate coating of high caliber decorative wood wax glue. Polish with the right cloth by leaving it up for a few minutes. The wood wax would preserve the natural and sturdy appearance of the wood, while protecting the wood furniture from the scraped patch, reinforcing the material and increasing its life span.

Dusting is very important

Airborne bacteria, pollen, and debris cause a thin wood coating that stains the surface and marks it. It removes the natural sheen as well. Your guests probably don’t want to see the furniture layered in a thin film of mud. Therefore, from time to time, you must clean the furniture, using a soft rag. Don’t dust off the surfaces of rough textures, as they can cause scratches.

Taking care of Outdoor Furniture

In general, keeping you furniture indoors helps you to save its quality and lifespan. It also protects your furniture from direct sunlight. Moreover, keeping your furniture outdoor, maybe in your backyard can allow wood pests to come and destroy your furniture. Like you would never want to consider yourself in a situation making you think that how can scorpions climb a chair or something?

But some outside wooden furniture, having said that, really tends to jazz up a porch, room, or yard, so simple support tips for open air wood furniture will go far for you. Using foamy water for the finished products.

Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

Older parts can produce an unpleasant odor often, especially if they have been preserved. To refresh it, you should spray the surface with baking soda and put a pan of charcoal inside the drawers to remove the smells that originate from the inside. On a sunny, dry day, you can also leave the piece out in a shady spot to provide relief from a foul smelling scent and make your furniture as good as brand new.

It’s not complicated or even time intensive to take careful care of your wood furniture, and the reward for your effort will be a home packed with stunning wood furniture that looks and sounds as amazing as the day you got it, now and for years to come.

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