5 Romantic Bike Rides To Take With Your Partner

Coming up with date ideas can be difficult, but continuing to make time for your partner is the key to a happy relationship. Bikes are a great way to make a date into an adventure. Whether you choose a women’s electric beach cruiser for maximum comfort or a fun option like an adult tricycle, try one of these five romantic bike date ideas. 

Fall & Winter Outings

Taking a romantic bike ride is a great way to get out of the house and stay active in fall and winter. In the fall, a ride through a park or forested trail provides beautiful views of foliage.

Riding your bike in winter isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Bundle up to beat the cold and pack some thermoses of hot chocolate and some marshmallows in your backpack to enjoy when you’ve reached your destination. 

Beach Ride & Dine

Trade a long walk on the beach for an exciting bike ride, instead. The right tires will let you glide while the crashing waves provide a relaxing atmosphere. Riding a lavender electric beach cruiser on the beach at sunset will make unforgettable memories with your partner. 

Many great restaurants are located on the water, so a beach bike ride can easily transition into a romantic dinner date. Start your bike ride a few miles from your chosen restaurant to work up an appetite. The endorphins released from riding a bike make a great dinner even more relaxing. 

Weekend Getaway Bike Trip

The weekend is the perfect time to take a mini vacation with your partner and escape the pressures of daily life. Instead of hopping in the car for a weekend trip, pick a closer destination and ride bikes to your getaway. You’ll avoid frustrating traffic and connect with your partner on the journey. 

When planning an extended bike ride, be sure to pack more water and snacks than you think you’ll need. Allow a few hours more than the estimate to get to your weekend destination so you can slow down and enjoy time with your partner. 

Picnic Bike Ride

There’s no more classic or affordable date than a bike ride and a picnic. Parks and bike trails are perfect destinations because they have built-in picnic areas. Purchase a few panniers for your bike or a rear rack, and it will be easy to pack a feast. Some great foods to take on a bike picnic date include:

  • Non-mayo sandwiches such as a BLT
  • Dips and crackers
  • Fresh fruit and chocolate
  • Quiche
  • Palm-sized foods such as samosas or hand pies

Lighter foods will allow you to easily make the ride back, and consider splitting a half bottle of wine instead of a full-sized one. 

Scenic Bike Route

Many areas of the country have beautiful mountain or seaside trails. If you or your partner are less confident in your biking skills, an electric hybrid trike for adults is a foolproof bike for beginners. The extra wheel adds stability while the motor enables high speeds without tiring pedaling. 

Bikes are useful for commuting and exercise, but they can be a lot of fun as well. A bike ride date is a healthy way to get closer to your loved one. 

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