5 Reasons Your Commute Should be on Your Mind When Buying a House

How much time do you spend commuting to work each day? Wherever your answer falls, likely, the small amount of time spent getting to and from work has a significant impact on your mental health. This post will discuss five reasons why SCUDO Management Company says you should be considering your commute when buying a house.

There are many reasons why you should consider your everyday commute when buying a new house, but we want to focus on five of the most important ones. 

1) It’s an opportunity to find something close enough to work and close enough to where you need it without being too far away from anything else.

  • This will give you the best of both worlds.
  •  The goal is to find a house that has the perfect balance between your daily commute and everything else in life. Too close will lead to you not being prepared for traffic or anything like that, while too far away from work might cause stress because it takes so long to get there.
  • If you have a shorter commute, it will be easier to leave work and the stress behind.
  • To find a middle ground between your commute time and other aspects of life like family or socializing, you should consider all of these elements because they are so interconnected with each other. Commuting is an important part that cannot be ignored when looking for a new home.



2) You can reduce stress by finding a home in a neighborhood

  • If you have kids, it’s important to find a home with good schools and easy access for kids because they will go outside and play more often.
  • An excellent way to find the perfect neighborhood is by looking for homes with good school districts, parks and playgrounds, grocery stores, and places that your kids will enjoy.
  • It’s important not to overlook these features when buying a home because living in an area where you have access to all of them can help reduce stress levels.
  • If you find a home with everything you need within walking distance from your doorstep, it will be easier to relax and not worry about driving or carrying groceries.

3) Your commute time will typically be shorter if you buy a house closer to work:

  • There won’t be as much traffic or bad weather conditions slowing down your trip each day. 
  • You will have more time to spent working during your commute because you’re not wasting time sitting in traffic.
  • If it’s the same amount of time to get to work, but there is less of a drive each day, you’ll be able to tackle more tasks and responsibilities than before.
  • You will also feel better about going to work every morning, knowing that your commute was shorter than usual.
  • Being close to work will eliminate the need for a long commute and help you feel more accomplished each day.

4) Other necessities can be around you

  • This will help you avoid the hassle of visiting several stores weekly to get everything that your family needs.
  • It’s also helpful if there are places like coffee shops or restaurants nearby so you can enjoy these things with friends while still walking distance from home.
  • If you like to cook, this will be the best decision because it can save a lot of time and money.
  • It’s worth considering what type of food YOU want to eat when looking for your new home! If you are vegan or vegetarian, then look at homes that have access to different types of foods.

5) Consider the people around your house!

  • The last thing you want is people who don’t like living there, so make sure they feel comfortable with their commute time before making any commitments!
  • This is a basic tenet that should not be ignored when looking for a new home.
  • The people around you will affect how you feel about your new space, and they might even be happy with their commute time.
  • If the people around you are upset by a long drive each day, then it’s possible that this could rub off on you as well.
  • The more miles you have to drive each day, the less time you’ll have because of all the other responsibilities in life.
  • If driving takes up too much time, it might cause stress and anxiety because you might drive more.


The most crucial aspect to consider when buying a house is your commute. If you can find something close enough to work and close enough to where you need it without being too far away from anything else, then this will be the best for reducing stress levels! Buying a home in an affordable neighborhood near necessities like grocery stores, schools, and shopping centers are also a great option. Consider all of these points before making any decisions about purchasing real estate!

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