5 Reasons Every Home Should Have a Backup Generator

Environmental changes over the past two decades have produced some unprecedented weather events. Severe storms are becoming more common worldwide, resulting in lengthy power outages that can be costly to residents and business owners. The current Atlantic hurricane season has been one of the most active in a century. 

When the power goes out, you may be at the mercy of the elements. Without a backup source of energy, homeowners and business owners can be in real trouble. In addition to the lights going out, people can suffer from exposure, have their food supplies ruined, and have no way to contact help if it is needed.

The best way to be ready for any power emergency is to invest in a backup generator. When the grid goes down, you will want peace of mind that you get from a reliable home insurance policy, along with knowing that your generator will provide you with the power to survive. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that you should be investing in a backup generator for your home or business.

Uninterrupted Power

Even if the power is only out for a few hours, it can be an inconvenient interruption. Your appliances, computers, and electronics, furnace, and security systems will all be affected. In cases where the power is lost for several days, this means that you could be in serious trouble. 

Winter storms that knock out the power can be deadly as residents struggle to stay warm without any power. With a backup generator, your lights, heat, and power will keep going until your main power is restored. 

Surge Protection

If you are hunkering down for a long storm, you may experience power flickers. This happens when connections are strained but not completely cut off. These flickers can come with surges that can damage your electrical system. When you have a backup generator, a power surge coming into your home can be diverted, saving your system from any build-up of excess electricity. Most generators come built with a surge protection system designed to protect you from expensive repairs.

All Weather

Rain, strong winds, and winter blizzards are no match for your backup generator. Your generator is not connected to the grid but runs on gasoline, making it a durable energy alternative. You don’t have to worry about your generator not starting up because of the weather conditions.

Remote Monitoring

Most modern generators come equipped with innovative technology that monitors their activity when you are away from home. This means that even if you aren’t at home when the power is out, you can use your smartphone or computer to keep an eye on how it is running. Your monitoring system will also alert you to any needed maintenance or small issues before they become a problem, and you are left with no power alternative. 

Peace Of Mind

Living through a short term power outage is not a big deal for most people. However, if the power is out for days or weeks, it could be your generator that saves you. You can have your generator hardwired directly into your electrical system so that if the power goes out, you will have automatic electricity without interruption. 

Investing in a home or business generator is a great way to protect yourself if there is ever a power outage. Keep your family safe, warm, and happy with uninterrupted power through any emergency.

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