5 Phone Applications to Help Your Remodel

When remodeling your home, there are many things to consider. Among these is the use of phone applications that can help you save time and money. Here are a few ways that apps can assist you in a remodel:

Planning and budgeting – Many home remodeling projects involve a budget, and it’s important to stay within that budget. Applications can help by providing cost estimators for various tasks, as well as track spending as the project progresses.

Material sourcing – It’s often difficult to find good deals on materials for a home remodel project. Applications can help connect you with local suppliers who may offer discounts or better prices on materials than you would find elsewhere.

Time savings – Many applications include step-by-step guides that can help you complete tasks quickly and efficiently. This can save you a lot of time, especially on larger projects.

From color matching to budgeting, here are 5 phone applications and how they can help:

1. Houzz:

This application is great for finding inspiration and ideas for your remodel. With over 15 million images to browse, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you. You can browse photos of completed projects, get ideas for colors and styles, and even find contractors.

2. iHandy Carpenter:

This application is perfect for the DIYer. The iHandy Carpenter includes a variety of tools that can come in handy during your remodel, such as a level, ruler, and magnifying glass.

3. My Measures & Dimensions:

This application lets you take measurements with your phone’s camera, making it easy to get an accurate measurement of any room or object. You can easily take measurements of walls, windows, doors, and more.

You can store all your measurements in one place, making it easy to reference later on.

4. Home Design 3D:

This application allows you to create a 3D model of your remodeled home, so you can get a better idea of how it will look when finished. The Home Design 3D app will help you  visualize everything from paint colors to furniture placement.

Visualizing your space is important when you’re remodeling; it can help you make better decisions before you get started.

5. RedLaser:

This app allows you to scan barcodes of products you’re considering buying for your remodel. It will then show you prices from nearby stores, as well as reviews and ratings. Take advantage of RedLaser for your remodel because it will help you stay within your budget!

Overall, phone applications can be a great help when remodeling your home. They can save you time, money, and even make the project safer. Be sure to check out the many different applications available and find the ones that are best suited to your needs. Most applications cost only a few dollars, so they are well worth the investment.

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