5 of the Best Lollies of All Time and How to Order Them to Your Door

The Internet is a great resource for a lot of things. Today, it’s the best place to order your favourite lollies and sweet treats. You can get properly made, fresh candy sent right to your door and you won’t have to do much more than some online searching. The Internet has a lot of selection for lollies and the shops that sell them make ordering for home delivery an easy process. Here are five of the best lollies that you can order online

  1. Freckles: Known in some countries as nonpareils, these are a favourite among people of all ages, offering chocolate coated with sprinkles, otherwise known as freckles. They’re a simple treat but they are popular for all kinds of treats and even just for eating. 
  2. Clinkers: Made by Cadbury, these chocolate candies with smooth centres are a favourite and have been for years. The brand is a favourite for many of its treats but these are at the top of the list. 
  3. Tim Tams: For a taste of nostalgia, this candy is a must. These malted biscuits are dipped in chocolate and include a layer of chocolate cream. They aren’t fancy, but they’re a classic. 
  4. Cherry Ripe: These are coconut and cherry candies that are dipped in chocolate, and are a classic among the Australian lolly crowd. 
  5. Liquorice: Australian liquorice is a popular treat around the world, and it is different than what most people know as liquorice, making it a unique treat. It’s usually found in anise (black) or fruit flavours. 

This is just a sampling of the best lollies that you can order online. There are hundreds of different confectionery items that you can order and have delivered to your home to satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter what you have a craving for. Just remember to choose reputable online shops that have reasonable prices and more importantly, proper shipping methods so your lollies arrive intact. Once you start shopping online, you may never return to the candy shop again. 

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