5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Any Startup Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is a big undertaking but also an exciting adventure. Running your own restaurant takes a lot of time and energy and prep work to get all set up and ready to serve your guests.

One area you should focus on first and foremost is obtaining the right kitchen appliances. Learn more about five must-have kitchen appliances for any startup restaurant so that you can ensure a smooth and successful opening and satisfied customers.


One must-have kitchen appliance for any startup restaurant is a sturdy and top-notch commercial gas grill. You may even want a few depending upon how much space you have and how large of a restaurant you own. There are different types of grills to choose from such as Campion Grills or Tuff Grills. 

Opt for double-wall stainless steel not only for the looks of it but so that you can cook quickly and with greater control. Your grill needs to quickly sear the food and properly direct the flow of excess juices. You want grills that can handle your heavy-duty cooking needs and that are easy to clean.

2. Charbroilers

Another must-have kitchen appliance to add to your list is a charbroiler. It’s especially important for making sure your meats turn out to perfection. The primary difference between a grill and a charbroiler is the shape. Charbroilers are open above the cooking surface and are never covered. It’s a commonly found appliance in restaurants and can be used for a variety of cooking operations.  

3. Freezers & Refrigerators

You’ll need someplace to store and keep your food fresh and safe for eating. Therefore, you must have freezers and refrigerators that you can use daily. You’ll need to keep ingredients and prepared foods fresh and ready for eating. 

You want to be able to purchase your foods and meats in bulk and store them for later use. If space is an issue, then you may even want to consider outdoor refrigeration and freezing options.

4. Food Processors & Mixers

Any startup restaurant must also have food processors and mixers in the kitchen. This includes batch bowl processors, continuous feed food processors, buffalo choppers, hand mixers, countertop mixers, and even floor mixers. It makes slicing, chopping, and blending a breeze and you’ll find you’re more efficient in getting the food out to your customers. Also, if you have items like baked breads, cakes, or pizzas on your menu then you should invest in a variety of commercial mixers.

5. Shelving & Accessories

Other must-have kitchen appliances for any startup restaurant are storage racks, shelving, and accessories. It might include an equipment stand with casters, seasonings, an overshelf shelf, and a plancha plate. If you’ll be serving up a lot of meat then you should also add a whole animal rotisserie to your list. 

Your kitchen needs to be well-organized and all your items should be stored away to ensure you’re the most efficient and you keep everyone safe. Shelving and accessories will help streamline your operation and make sure that your restaurant is up to code. Mobile storage racks help you move your items around easily and are great for storing and transporting food. 

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