5 Key Elements of a Minimalist Kitchen Layout

If you are one of the many who’s tired of traditional, elaborate kitchens and would want to switch into a minimalist layout, here is one good read for you. We are featuring the five basic elements that will help you achieve minimalism without compromising function or even style.

  1. Neutral color scheme

One of the main ideas of minimalism is to keep everything clean. That’s why neutral tones are highly favored. Whites, blacks, and grays are used as the prime tones. If you like to add a splash of another color, you may do so but make sure not to overdo it. The trick is to use simple art pieces that will serve as an accent, drawing the eye but not hurting it.

White and gray, considered achromatic colors, are also preferred because they can help achieve another main idea of minimalism, which is to keep everything bright. They make light bounce through the walls instead of taking it in, creating a bright vibe all over.

  1. Clutter-free

Keeping the clutter to a minimum is another great way to achieve minimalism. You need to put away the things that are not useful and stick to the basics. If one item can already perform what two different tools can do, drop the other. Choose the more functional unit that complements your kitchen style.

  1. Integrated appliances

For a monochromatic look, appliances and tools must be fully integrated into the kitchen design, from the color or finish to the textures. It is not wise to simply buy units and let them litter the countertop. To achieve clean lines, incorporate the appliances into the overall look.

Remember to choose appliance units in finishes and colors that match your scheme. Stainless steel, white, and black are the easiest to complement a minimalist kitchen design. Expert pros on kitchen remodeling in Texas can help create custom cabinetry for thrse appliances. Instead of just lying around on the countertop, they could have space specifically made for them. Otherwise, you may keep them hidden from sight inside the cabinets. Just make sure they are still very much accessible.

  1. Clean and simple

Minimalism is essentially about simplicity. There is a need to recognize the essential features and let go of the unnecessary. It is also advisable that you keep things simple. When you are shopping for your kitchen fixtures, remind yourself that less is more.

  1. Raw and sleek

Minimalism is particular about celebrating the raw beauty of the materials used. When choosing design features for your kitchen, choose to highlight their innate charm more than anything else. This concept pertains to every single detail – from the walls to the décor, appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, features, and lighting among others.

Minimalism is achieved by keeping a neat, crisp, clean, and ultimately, functional space. To achieve the concept in your kitchen design, you must have a checklist of the key elements and stick to one focal palette. All the items, features, and design elements must agree to that prime focal palette to maintain its character.

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