5 Items You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit

Are you looking for extra storage space? A storage unit may be the perfect solution to your needs. But before you rent a storage facility, it’s important to understand what items are not allowed in a storage unit.

There are several things that can’t be stored in a self-storage unit due to safety and environmental concerns. Knowing what these items are will help keep you from running into any problems with your rental agreement or even breaking the law.

1. Perishable or Hazardous Materials:

Perishable items, such as food or beverages, can spoil and attract pests. Hazardous materials like paint, gasoline, and propane tanks are also prohibited from storage units due to the potential fire hazard they create. These should be disposed of properly at a hazardous waste collection facility instead.

Storing these hazardous materials can not only damage the storage unit, but they can damage everything else stored inside.

2. Flammable Items:

Storage facilities are highly flammable, especially when there’s a concentration of combustible items such as wood, paper, and cardboard. To avoid a fire hazard, you should never store these types of items in a storage unit. You never want to show up to your storage unit and find that it’s gone completely. Taking preventative measures can help you avoid this fiasco altogether.

3. Animals or Plants:

Keeping animals or plants inside a storage unit is not only unsafe, but it’s also illegal. This rule exists to protect the health and well-being of both people and animals, as the environment inside a storage unit is too controlled for these living creatures to thrive.

Not only is the climate a hard pill to swallow for plants and animals, but they won’t get regular, needed nourishment. Do not keep animals inside a storage unit! It will hurt them and you will most likely get a serious fine.

4. Weapons:

Items such as firearms and ammunition are prohibited in many storage units due to their potential for misuse. This includes swords and other sharp objects that could be used to harm someone.

5. Valuables:

Storage units are not a safe location to store highly valuable items such as jewelry, artwork, or important documents. A burglar alarm may be present at some facilities, but it’s best to keep these items at home in a locked safe or deposit box.

Some storage units have security measures, cameras, and other ways to keep your items safe. If your storage unit has these security measures, storing precious valuables might be okay. However, if your storage unit lacks these precautions, it might be better to avoid storing these items in your storage unit.

When looking for extra storage space, it’s important to remember that there are certain items you can’t store in a self-storage unit. These include perishable or hazardous materials, flammable items, animals and plants, weapons, and valuables. Knowing what not to store in your storage facility is critical as these items could potentially create health hazards or even break the law.

If you have any of these prohibited items that need storing be sure to look into alternative options such as disposing of them properly at a hazardous waste collection facility or keeping valuable documents safe at home in a locked safe deposit box. With proper knowledge and precautions taken you should feel confident renting out your own storage unit!

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