5 Easy Ways to Get Your Bedroom Closet Organized

If you are like most people, your bedroom closet becomes a catch-all for anything and everything. It’s easy to stuff clutter away and just shut the door when you are in a hurry. Over time, your closet is bound to become crowded and unorganized, making it hard to find anything that you need. 

With a bit of time and effort, you can whip your own closet into shape. The first step is wanting a change and preparing for a purge. It’s essential to empty out the whole space and start from scratch. If your closet is barely containing itself, the job of getting it organized may seem a bit overwhelming. Whether you have a standard closet or something more extensive with a small closet built ins, the space can almost always be tidied up. Let’s take a closer look at a few easy ways to get your bedroom closet organized. 

Empty the Entire Space

The only way to get a good idea of what you are dealing with organizing your closet is to empty out the entire space. You may not know all the items that you have stuffed in the nooks and corners of your closet. You want to empty out any drawers, shelves, and storage containers. You may be surprised at how much available space you have once your belongings are cleared out. 

Sort Items Into Categories

Now is the chance to start out right when you are emptying your closet. Rather than just pulling out items in a tangled mess, take your time with each item and put it into a specific pile. Divide your common belongings into piles, including bottoms, tops, dresses, suits, shoes, belts, purses, and accessories. Once you have your piles going, you will start noticing some organization happening. 


Once you have everything out of the closet, it’s time to start the purge. Review each item and assess whether you want to return it to the closet. Set out a bit for donations and one for garbage to make things easier on you. Throw away or donate items that no longer fit, haven’t been worn in over a year, are out of style, or are damaged. You can also go through things like bridesmaid dresses that you aren’t likely to wear again to give yourself more hanging room. 


Before you consider putting your kept closet items away, take the opportunity to do a deep clean of the space. Wash down the walls, dust away the cobwebs, and vacuum the floor to create a clean, neat space ready for your sorted items.

Create a System

When you are ready to put your items away, create your own organizational system that works for you so your items will be easier to find. You could hang your clothes based on color, season, or size; it’s up to you. 

As the change of another season approaches, now is a great time to organize your closet. Follow these easy tips to help you purge, renew, and organize your bedroom closet.

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