4 Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe

With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to refine and minimize your wardrobe. Too many people have a crowded wardrobe and are completely oblivious to how much that impacts their ability to get ready nicely in the morning and how much extra stress it adds to their lives. If you’re looking to clear out your wardrobe and to slowly restock it with higher quality pieces that make you feel fabulous, keep reading to learn more about my top 4 tips for updating your wardrobe.

1. Invest in Quality
Part of your wardrobe is your jewelry and timepieces. A great statement watch can completely transform an outfit. I’m personally a fan of having less things, but having the best quality I can afford. I would prefer to have one or two really high quality timepieces than 10 junky ones that wear and tear fast and go out of style. One of the jewelry looks I love the most is wearing a bracelet with a watch. I find it to be such a timeless style that easily takes an outfit from casual to dressy in an instance. While wearing bracelets with watches can look extremely good, it can take a little bit of planning to get it right. You want to make sure both the watch and bracelet/s are of good quality so they don’t wear away too fast, and so that they look good together.

2. Get Rid of the Things That Don’t Fit
It can be tempting to keep those tiny pairs of jeans you used to squeeze into, but they can be bringing some emotional pain into your life as they serve as a reminder of how you’ve failed. If it’s been a year or more since you’ve been able to wear something, and you’ve not had any stand out events like pregnancy or an operation, then there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be wearing them any time soon. Keeping them around can just bring negative emotions into your life which is really the last thing you need each morning when you’re getting ready. Clear out things that have been in your wardrobe ‘just in case’ and donate them to someone who can use them now.

3. Get Quality Shoes
While there are parts of your wardrobe you can buy second hand to save on or even just buy cheaper pieces, shoes are one of those things that I think you absolutely have to invest in. When you have a good quality pair of shoes life is a lot more comfortable. Your movement will be more fluid and you will have more support around your ankle. One of the pairs of shoes I always buy is a pair of white sneakers and I keep them as clean as possible. They’re a great option for more casual events. It can also be a great idea to have a really nice pair of dressy shoes you can use for special occasions, like a pair of nude flats.

4. Try it All On
It’s important to try things on to see how they look and feel on your body now. As we age, our body changes, and it’s important not to judge pieces of clothing by how they used to look but by what we’re working with right now. So set aside a decent chunk of time so you can go through your clothes and try them on. Be sure to check out how the item of clothing looks from all angles, including from behind. While you’re doing this be sure to look over each piece to see if there is any obvious damage that can be fixed or if there’s any wear and tear that’s too big. It’s a great opportunity to filter through your clothes and to get rid of those pieces that no longer are up to standard. 
Updating your wardrobe can feel like an overwhelming task, but once you’ve got a streamlined closet that is only filled with pieces you truly love I’m sure you’re going to feel so much better every time you step into your closet. 

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