5 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Planning to renovate your kitchen? It can be an exciting prospect. Kitchen renovations allow you to upgrade your appliances, install modern cabinets, and completely reinvent your space. However, many mistakes can happen that erode the value and utility of your renovation. Here are five of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Going the DIY Route

While there’s a lot that you can do on your own in the kitchen, renovations may not be the best option for exercising your independence. At the very least, you should work with a designer to make sure that you’re maximising your space. Partnering with a trusted contractor such as Zeel Kitchens will help ensure that your plans match reality, too.

2. Choosing Appliances Late in the Process

Too many homeowners wait until late in the renovation process to choose their appliances. The problem here is that appliance dimensions play a critical role in designing new cabinets and countertops, and appliance aesthetics can also affect the overall kitchen design. Choose your appliances at the beginning.

3. Not Planning for Storage

It’s easy to get carried away with island designs and minimalist kitchen architecture. However, you might find yourself with a beautiful kitchen that simply does not offer the storage space you need. Plan for storage early on – the more the better!

4. Putting Form Over Function

You want a beautiful kitchen that’s the envy of your family and friends. However, if you’re focusing too much on aesthetics, you could end up with a kitchen that looks great but doesn’t offer the functionality that you need. Always balance form and function to create a beautiful kitchen that supports your workflows and provides the functionality that you need.

5. Failing to Install Enough Counterspace

If there is one thing more critical to a usable kitchen than storage space, it’s counter space. Without enough counter space, it can be hard to balance storage and work – where will you prep food? Where will canisters, coffee, the coffeemaker, and other ever-present items go? Lay your kitchen out so that you maximise counter space so there’s lots of room for all your needs.

Don’t let your kitchen renovations be derailed by these common mistakes. Plan ahead and work with a professional to create a beautiful, usable kitchen.

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