4 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Memory Alive at Your House

A pet can hold such a special place in your heart, and you may be overcome with emotions when your pet passes away. While you work hard to move on, you may also want to remember your pet and find a way to keep their memory alive at your home. Here are four ways that may help you honor and remember your beloved pet.

1. Set Up a Garden Memorial

A garden can represent new life and growth, and in addition, it can be a perfect place to remember those who have passed on. When you’re thinking of your pet, you can head out to the garden to be closer to nature and enjoy a peaceful experience that allows you to reminisce. It could be a nice touch to add a memorial, and you have the opportunity to customize a memorial with images and words. You might want to get a memorial with your pet’s special nickname and a phrase that describes your pet, for example. If your pet’s remains are part of your garden, a memorial can mark their resting place.

2. Celebrate Their Birthday or Another Special Anniversary Date

When your pet passes, their memory and spirit can live on with you. You may want to continue to honor your pet and do something special each year on their birthday, the anniversary of their adoption date, or another special day. Each year, you might celebrate with a special meal, go on a hike, give back to an animal shelter, or say a few words in honor of your pet. Some people choose to do the same thing annually, while others might take part in different activities for each celebration. The latter might be suited to a household that had an energetic pet that loved to explore new places.

3. Customize Items With Photos

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a loyal member of the family. Chances are, you probably have many photographs of your pet. Consider customizing items with your pet’s image to help their memory continue to stand out. You could put their image on a mug, a blanket, or a calendar, for instance. Also, you could create a custom photo book that shows highlights of your pet’s life, and you might even think about investing in a photo memorial urn. When you look at pictures of your pet, you’ll remember all the wonderful experiences you had together.

4. Support Other Pets in Their Memory

As someone who has loved an animal, you know that pets have so much to give. Unfortunately, there are many who need loving homes, either on a temporary or permanent basis. You have the opportunity to step in and make a difference in someone’s life. To honor your pet, consider opening up your home and your heart again to a new pet. If you’re unable to do so at this time, you could volunteer at an animal shelter or simply make a donation to an organization that supports animals. Often, you can note that a donation is in a pet’s memory.

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