4 Ways Machine Learning Is Making Our Lives Better

Machine learning is the fancy term used nearly everywhere these days. It’s the new gold rush of opportunities. Every company, from start-ups to large corporations, wants to have a piece of machine learning. 

What’s so great about machine learning? What’s unique about it that wasn’t decades ago? Is machine learning the next big thing or already a crucial part of the highly- hyped technological revolution? Read on to learn more about this innovative aspect that’s taking the global market by storm.

Smart devices and appliances 

When talking about automation, one relevant example is right in your home. Think of the intelligent Amazon Alexa or Apple home kit, and you’ll surely appreciate how machine learning is shaping the world around us.

You can predict the future with machine learning. Yes, AI-powered devices can predict the future. Imagine entering and starting your car. Your phone connects to your car’s entertainment system through Bluetooth and a message pops up on your screen, notifying you how long it will take you to drive to the grocery store, as you do every Friday evening. Isn’t that awesome?

Thanks to machine learning, we have voice-activated systems that offer unmatched convenience from advanced security features to seamless household management.                     

Innovation in healthcare 

Various healthcare systems are now using machine learning to diagnose and treat certain diseases. This is an intelligent approach made possible with computers, deep learning, and AI platforms.

One thing about machine learning is that it evolves continuously. This Forbes article outlines how improvements in cancer detection and screening are being achieved using high-end AI technology.

Data analytics 

This is a complex and perhaps a vast area where machine learning has had a significant breakthrough. It’s with data analytics that artificial intelligence attracted the authority it now commands.

AI’s ability to sort, solve, and understand a large amount of data is still the basis, through which machine learning finds its relevant applications. According to innovation experts, the future of Artificial Intelligence is both defined and unpredictable. To explain this, scientists believe that machine learning has a bright future, but where the innovation is precisely headed, is a puzzle.

Boosted economy 

The major sectors of the economy, from agriculture, finance, businesses, to construction industries, all enjoy a significant boost from machine learning. Smart farming techniques are now in place, and farmers are enjoying predictive and automated controls from smart irrigation, pest control to live-monitoring.

Banking firms are also leveraging machine learning to sort out the various transactions or sift through applications to determine who should qualify for a mortgage loan. Using location data or purchase patterns, AI can predict fraudulent behavior and convey this information to banks and credit issuers. Such predictive models help curb suspicious and illegal activities.


There’s a lot of ways in which machine learning impacts our everyday life. From making homes smarter to improving various economic sectors, machine learning has had a direct impact on our day to day activities. Other areas where AI has brought significant changes include, personalized social media feeds and Intelligent gaming.

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