3 Tips for Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

If your closet is in shambles and getting ready each day feels like a challenge, it might be time to clear out your wardrobe. One of the biggest trends at the moment is more of a minimalistic style closet. You’ll want to have less clothes than average, but for every piece in your closet to be something you love and that makes you feel really comfortable. It can be quite hard clearing out your closet, you may even be surprised to find that it is really emotional. But clearing out your closet can make your mornings more peaceful, your mind more clear and help you feel more energized as you wont have all that baggage weighing you down. Here are my top 3 tips for clearing out your wardrobe.

1. Start With Three Piles
You’re going to want to start with three piles to help make clearing out your closet easier. The first pile will be the things to keep – the things you know you love, that make you feel well and are comfortable. The second pile will be the things to donate or sell. These are things that you’ve not worn in at least six months, that no longer fit you or are things you’re saving for when you’re thinner etc. The third pile is for the ‘maybe’ things, the things you’re not sure whether you’d like to keep or get rid of. For this pile I suggest trying each piece on to see how you really feel about it. While you’re clearing out your clothes, be sure to keep the essentials such as your favorite canvas sneakers.

2. Don’t Feel Bad
Sometimes we struggle with emotions we didn’t expect to experience when clearing out clothes. I’ve personally felt a lot of guilt and sadness around clothes I’ve bought but not worn. But the reality is if you’re never going to use them or rarely going to use them, they can be used by someone who will truly love them. If you’re looking to donate, I always think to myself that it is great I’m in a position to donate clothes to people who may be less fortunate and will really treasure something new. As they say someone’s junk is another person’s treasure, so don’t feel bad about passing your clothes on to someone who’s going to get good use out of them.

3. Try to Pick a Style
Having a general day to day style in mind helps make it easier to clear out your closet. What kind of outfits make you feel good and suit your lifestyle? Do you like to wear smart casual, or do you lean towards more active clothes? Are there certain color combinations that work best for your lifestyle and skin tone? Try to focus on outfit combinations that make you feel more confident and help you feel your best. You want clothes that you can reach for in your closet that you love and that make you feel good each day.

Clearing out your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a nightmare with these three tips. I hope they help you downsize your wardrobe and ensure that everything in your closet are things you truly like and use often. 

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