4 Tips for Moving Overseas

If you’re planning to move overseas at the best of times, it can be stress inducing. Moving overseas during the tail end of a pandemic can be downright frightening. What happens if we go into lockdown again, and you’ll be unable to fly home to see your family? What happens if the job market turns bust and you find yourself unemployed a thousand miles from home? It’s scary, but it’s also exciting. Often the biggest risks we take in life give us the biggest rewards, and moving overseas is really no different. Here are my top 4 tips for moving overseas.

1. Use a Moving Company
The physical aspect of moving can be a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to manage the move for your partner and kids. Throw in some pets, and it can be a logistical nightmare. For that reason I always suggest using a moving company if it is within your budget. International freight forwarding can help you relax as they’ll handle the logistics of getting your things from point a to b. You can also negotiate with some employers for them to cover this expense, to make your move less stressful and of course less expensive too. Whenever this is possible, I always suggest working with a professional moving company.

2. Outsource What You CanAre there certain tasks at work or outside of the office that you can outsource? Maybe it’s as simple as setting up Hero Technical Solutions CRM to help manage your client relationships. Perhaps it’s hiring a nanny temporarily so they can help with childcare while you’re working on paperwork or busy at goodbye parties. Whatever you can do to help you have more help and support, do it. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events, add in an international move and it can feel unbearable.

3. Join Facebook Groups
Facebook groups can be a great way to start some kind of community before you arrive somewhere. I suggest starting with the most obvious types of groups: looking for sports groups you can join that you are interested in, such as yoga, football or even running. If you’re a parent, then you can see if there are any local moms or dad groups that do regular meetups and play dates. Sometimes just a general expat group for the city you’re moving to can be a great place to meet other people who are in a similar situation. Having some new friends on the ground can make it easier to meet other people and to also feel like you have a support system there.

4. Take Your Favorite Things With You
While it’s tempting to travel light and not take much with you, I always suggest taking your favorite things. IF you have a specific comfort food, why not take some with you? Likewise, if you have a favorite bottle of wine, why not take one or two bottles with you to celebrate something special when you’re there. Unfortunately while living overseas your favorite wine tasting venues won’t be a few minutes away, but with a bottle or two of wine you can enjoy drinking it while thinking fondly of your old home!

Moving overseas doesn’t have to be a nightmare with these 4 helpful tips. I hope they make your new move less stressful and more enjoyable.

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